Best US magazine for equipment review?

I do the publicity for a small UK company - Cetech AV - who make isolation platforms. We'd like to get our platform and perhaps our LP12 upgrade kit reviewed for the US enthusiast. Which magazines would be most suitable in your opinions?
"The Absolute Sound", "Stereophile", "The Listener", "Sensible Sound", in that order.
I pretty much agree with"richardmonk" Altho Steriophile probably has 3 times the readers (just a guess) And so we dn't forget ,audiogon is a pretty good place to reach the people.Get an auction going, and good luck
While I think the American publications listed here (esp TAS) are good, I have much respect for some of the UK journals esp HIFI NEWS. Reviewers, like Martin Colloms, are less given to exaggeration and therefore more believable. Unfortunatley, British Publications tend to showcase British products or cheaper brands more frequently(which I suspect are more affordable). I would certainly welcome seeing more reviews of the European products such as Goldmund, YBA, JMlabs, mbl, etc which tend to be neglected in this part of the world
Thank you for your help - we have had reviews in Hifi News & Record Review and in Hifi Plus in the UK which were positive, but obviously those mags don't get much circulation in the US. I have copies of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, but I'd very much like contact details on the Listener and Sensible Sound, since I've never seen those in UK stationers. Thank you again.
I would like more info about Cetech AV if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Email or postal would be great. You can reach me at [email protected] Thanks.
"Listener" advertising sales telephone: (607) 432-2219, FAX (607) 432-2130, e-mail: [email protected] published bimonthly by Englander Communications, LLC, 75 Holly Hill Lane, Greenwich, CT 06830. Good luck.
Sensible sound advertising address E-mail TSS [email protected] or call 1-800-695-8439. This magazine is published bi-monthly. I have tried almost all of these magazines at one time or another and I am loyal to Sereophile.
Has to be the Listener. Problem with people like Colloms is that they do contract design work for the industry...... and know nothing about music, however good their techno knowledge. Art Dudley, Chris Beeching and Rob Doorak at Listener have the best written ears I've come across, and they seem to enjoy the stuff as well as understand both hardware and software. Herb Reichert and Mike Trei also have insightful writings to enjoy. H. Gizmo R also features sometimes with amusing tales. It's a pretty well-informed and colorful mag. G.T.Elm. Mass.
All of the major high-end audio mags have been listed above, but I'd add one other to your choices: Glass Audio. Many of the "tubeaholics" are interested in isolation devices for their amps as well as their turntables.
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