Best upper end CD player with digital inputs

Want to upgrade from my Naim CD5 and am looking for a better redbook player which also has AES XLR type digital input. The goal is to run the digital output of my Lynx soundcard into the CD player and use its DAC. I have considered a standalone DAC but the killing 2 birds with one stone approach seems better...I would appreciate any others comments who have tried such a "music server" type setup with their PC sending digital input to be converted by the high end DACs in a good many of the more expensive CD players. Thanks
Wadia 861 SE has outputs,inputs? but finding a CD player with digital inputs isn't going to be easy only one I know of would be the Audio Aero Capitol Mark II
Sim Audio Moon Eclipse
Try Accuphase CDP. You may have chance to access SACD technology as well.
resolution audio Opus 21. I don't know if it's "the best", but in my listening comparisons, it was the best for that kind of money ($3,000).
another vote for the RA opus 21!
I gotta agree with the Resolution Audio Opus 21. It is an excellent CD player and it has a digital input. However, I think the input is RCA only. I could be wrong. If interested, check the resolutionaudio website.


Audio Aero Capitole Mark II has just about every digital input you could ever want.

RCA (coax)

You can use an adapter for the SP/DIF to coax if you want.

This is how I can feed many sources to the AA's DAC and get the best of both. I only whish it had an analog input just so it could totally replace a preamp altogether.

I currently use the Audio Aero as my primary source for CDs, except when I want to play multiple CDs without changing discs (and then I use my Yamaha 5-disc player and the toslink connection to the Audio Aero). I use the coax input for playing my (2-channel) DVDs and I also run my Satellite through the Audio Aero.

Finally, I biamp out of the Audio Aero into two rooms which are my primary media-listening room and also into my office.

As expensive as the Audio Aero is, I want to make the most of it. When I add up all of the above, it's price becomes more....palatable.
sounds like a lot of votes for the opus
It appears that is is only spdif rca for the input
I'm not certain if that can be converted from xlr via and adaptor. not to mention that I am running the cable a good distance from the server upstairs to the main system downstairs--I guess XLR balanced is better for great distances on digital signals as well.
Perhaps the Accuphase has an option?
both I and unclejeff forgot to mention the Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2 has a excellent 100 step remote control variable volume output alleviating the need for a preamp.
this CD player lives up to the hype its had its the real deal. Believe the hype
My Burmester 001 can do that. Rave review in latest Stereophile.
Rlkern, If you are really interested in the Opus, I would simply call Jeff Kalt at RA and ask if it can be retro'd for you.
How about the musical fidelity trivista SACD?
Levinson 390S takes in digital via, RCA and optical.

It seems to lock in to all available digital streams.