Best upgrade path for an older but nicely maintained Linn LP12

I dropped off my 1978 LP12 for a tuneup yesterday. To do this I must make the nearly four hour round trip to Accent on Music in MT Kisco, NY. I live in Guilford, CT and although  a long drive, David Wilson is the only person I have ever let work on my LP12. It was last tuned up in 2012 so it's time. While there yesterday David plugged it in for a quick listen and I was relieved to hear that it was still "a very nice sounding LP12". I knew that already but hearing it from David is very reassuring. My table is currently set-up with a Lingo 2, Ittok, and Dynavector 20x HO. My system consists of a McIntosh MAC7200 and two Pranafidelity Bhanas on Sound Anchor stands.  I was glad to hear the folks at Accent agree that the Dynavector seems to show no sign yet of wear. I've owned that cartridge for 7 years but only play it for a few hours a week and not every week. We of course discussed a few upgrade options and that is why I am asking the following of this group.

How much of a listening difference will an upgraded keel make? It will cost $1200 but I am told it will make a big improvement. Not that I doubt what anyone at Accent on Music tells me but your opinions are valued too. Thank you all in advance for your thoughts. 
$1200 on a Keel? Waste of money! I am an LP12 owner and will never spend a cent on those exorbitantly priced "upgrades" from Linn!
And I do my own set up! 
I know a lot of people who own LP12s. I've oned one myself since the late 80s. Personally I wouldn't even consider tweeking one myself. I am happy to pay an expert to do so for me once every five years or so. I disagree about Linn upgrades being a waste of money. I've heard the difference between the arms for instance and just can't imagine anyone thinking one arm to be as good as the other. But to each their own of course. I do though wonder why a guy would own an LP12 if he thinks any LP12 upgrade to be a farce. Why not just buy a different turntable? 
s there anyone out there who can speak from actual experience about the upgraded keel? 

i hate to say so but your opinions do not need to be highlighted by an exclamation mark at every opportunity.

maybe that is why so few end up taking anything you say seriously?

tone it down possibly.

broad sweeping statements along the lines of Linn upgrades are a waste of money is really not helpful to anybody.
This is the age of really great-performing turntables and a wide-open used table market.  it's hard to fathom why that kind of money is being spent on a table that is far outperformed by used tables that cost only slightly more than the cost of the upgrade.  And the upgraded table will still not perform better than those used tables.

I'd look around for a decent used table.  Take the $1200 plus whatever you can scrape up selling the LP12 and use that on a better table.
So if you can't afford a decent table, buy what you can afford. My question isn't about your attachment to or availability of funding, It's simply about what you have heard and appreciated about good sound. I'm sorry if your audio tastes are limited to a modest budget. Mine are too  I suppose but it would seem my budget is more robust than yours. I don't care so much about spending $1200 for an upgrade. I only care about buying a substantial upgrade for that money. I think I will be doing that if I buy the keel but I am hoping to get some advice from people here who know from having heard a demo and do not just base their opinion on bitterness over pricing they cannot afford. 
for 1200 you’re not getting a Keel more likely a Kore--significant difference. IMHO I would forsake the Kore and upgrade to a Majik subchassis and reuse your existing armboard. spend what you saved on more vinyl.