Best upgrade for my system?

Hi, I am not up on current technology and would like to get some advice on upgrading my system to a surround system. I currently have a Rotel RB960BX amp and RC960BX preamp driving two snell type E speakers. It's still a great sounding system but would like to go surround. Do I buy a reciever and use the front channel to drive my current amp and the reciever controls the remaining speakers or ? A rich man I'm not but I don't want to be too cheap and be disappointed either, any thoughts? Jim
I always recommend first touble shooting the room.Room treatments are inexpensive if DIY.Good luck
What's your budget and what kind of system do you want -- music, home theatre, a combo? 90% music,
10% movies? What? How important to you is surround sound? Is it important for music listening,
just for movies? Need more info to give you good advice.
My biggest desire is music, yes I would like the surround sound for movies, but music is my priority. It seems everyone is bragging up multi channel listening and I thought it was time to update my system some. I would like to use the classified ads here and buy used but current components. My budget is flexible but I am probably looking at the lower end compared to most here. Aprox. $500.00 reciever, do I buy rear speakers to match my Snells up front or can I go with something smaller to blend in a little better with the furniture? I do have a powered sub made by Klipsch, I'm not real sure what it's rated at but it was only a 300.00 sub new so it's not top of the line but I think I could start with that. Center channel, I have not researched at all so I need advice there. Thanks, Jim
The new Panasonic digital receiver, (SA 45 I believe or something similar is the model designation) seems to be all the rage at Audioasylum, selling on the street at around $300 I think. There are reports there of guys selling $8000 pre-pros and replacing them with this. Might be worth checking out. Go to Audioasylum and do a check in the amp-preamp section.