Best unplugged live

I'm listening to Alice in Chains unplugged MTV. Great performance and recorded perfectly. I miss that show. Stripped and seated, I love the concept. 


Not exactly. To be honest, and I've listened to most of his stuff beginning with The Yardbirds, the only Clapton record I ever liked was Disraeli Gears, probably helped by the fact that my original pressing just sounds so good. But I respect that he is held in such high regard by fans and musicians. They obviously hear something that I don't. It's all good.

I'm a big fan of all unplugged performances (MTV). Here are some of my favorites:

1. Rolling Stones - Stripped

2. Eric Clapton - Unplugged (MTV)

3. Nirvana - Unplugged (MTV)

4. Paul McCartney (MTV) - although not sure if a vinyl version is available

5. REM Unplugged (MTV)


+1 on Stripped. Start with Not fade away and come around back to SFM and Like a Rolling Stone. Much better mix that way imho.


unplugged was, imo, one of the few redeeming offerings from mtv

too bad it is no more, except for the occasional special

i think one problem is that fewer and fewer pop - rock artists have the musical chops to do an unplugged performance (and it is work... alot of work... to adapt the material, and even then, it is like a great monitor speaker... it shows you exactly what you got... or don't got... )

@jjss49 - I agree. There is no purer form of expression. So many electrified  compositions were composed on acoustic Instruments. I too believe it is a by gone era, and you would be hard pressed to find a few to perform at that level.