Best unplugged live

I'm listening to Alice in Chains unplugged MTV. Great performance and recorded perfectly. I miss that show. Stripped and seated, I love the concept. 


It got so boring after awhile because everyone felt compelled to do it. And then it just died out like anything else where sheep are following sheep are following sheep. I enjoyed Nirvana when it first aired but let's go with whoever did it first. Was it Clapton? Go Eric.

Okay, mainly talking about how trendy it became with the grunge bands...the novelty was the contrast between hard noise and soft acoustic. What if the Sex Pistols had done an acoustic version of Never Mind The Bollocks? Same thing. It would've blown minds. The contrast.

I didn't care much for Clapton's effort.  I found myself cringing.  I'm sure I am alone in this; perhaps I'm missing the point.

Not exactly. To be honest, and I've listened to most of his stuff beginning with The Yardbirds, the only Clapton record I ever liked was Disraeli Gears, probably helped by the fact that my original pressing just sounds so good. But I respect that he is held in such high regard by fans and musicians. They obviously hear something that I don't. It's all good.