Best Universal Remote?

Looking to get a nice universal remote. I was using the one that came with my b&K Ref20, but it's getting tired. There was one that you download commands from the internet. I am using a Mac computer too.
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The Harmony SST-659 is a great universal remote that you configure via a menu driven web page. Once you put your devices into the web page, it downloads your remote with all of the commands and macros. No programming required! I own one and like it.
Try checking out It is a great site, all about remotes. With reviews on all the newest. Even files to download to your remote.
McIntosh makes one called the UR-12. It has a touch screen and a data table for manufacturer codes so you don't even have to download them. It looks cool but I haven't personally used it. It is expensive new but I have seen some before on Audiogon sell for $150 or so.
I'll second It's could be renamed: It's more forum oriented than this site--but very informative. The one that has been in the lead for a while is the Phillips Pronto Pro. However, there's a new kid on the block (well the kid isn't that new but the product is). Sony has a really slick looking remote that allows you to program everything from the button jpegs to many macros. I think they are trying to give Phillips a run for their money--and they probably will. In 2 years or so, I think all this will go away, and everything will be controlled from wifi handhelds--but you probably don't want to wait that long.