Best universal player under $1000?

Ok, I have had it with my current digital music setup. I have a Oppo 981HD that I use for DVD-Audio only, and I have a Sony NS9100ES that I am using for CD and SACD, I am using the analog stereo outs on both. The Sony sounds great, I couldn't be happier except that it does not play DVD-Audio. I don't have many of these discs but I really enjoy the sound of the ones I have and am looking to start recording some of my rare vinyl only to DVD-A for archiving (I have yet to hook my computer up to my rig but that may be where I am heading for all but SACD). Anyway, the Oppo is complete garbage for DVD-A and CD for one often skips the first second on tracks which is so annoying that I won't even play it anymore. I have emailed the company and they are aware of the issue and really don't seem to care about fixing it, I guess most of their customers just use these as DVD players. You get what you pay for, luckily I bought it used and will probably only take a small loss on selling it.

Anyway, I would like to get one box that does it all (I know that sounds like a recipe for disaster) surely there is something worthy in my price range (<$1000). I would like it to be able to do SACD, CD, and DVD-A, stereo only is fine. I would like the internal DAC to be 24/192 and for the DSD to NOT be converted to PCM. I could care less about the video quality or upconverting as this will never be hooked up to a TV other than to do the initial setup. Lastly, it has to play the entire track on every CD with no skips or pauses in between, I have too many albums that hvae tracks that flow into each other. If anyone has any recommendations (even if it is slightly above my price range) I would sure love to hear them. I have seen the NAD T585 but have read some bad reviews on it (although it was mostly about the video).
You can buy a Denon 5910ci used for about $1000 right now, that's a no brainer great buy if you still use discs.
That one sounds good, I wish it didn't convert DSD to PCM. Thanks for the info.
Well, I will have to say I love my Parasound Halo D-3
Universal player. Sounds & looks like a million! Was
a $2500 player, and can be had from a dealer BN now
for $1100, and even less used.
I have had mine for 6-8 months and still think it's great
and have had no problems with audio or video.
That one sounds good, I wish it didn't convert DSD to PCM. Thanks for the info.
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Denon has a Source Direct feature. When Source Direct is ON the Denon processes DSD (SACD) in the pure DSD domain.

When Source Direct is OFF, DSD is converted to PCM.
try Lexicon RT-20
what, no tubed players ? how do you avoid ear fatigue without a tube in a cd player ?
Try a used or refurb NAD M 55 universal player or take a look at the M5 disc player (master series). I do not think the M5 does DVD-audio. Really a good player used or refurb. I would not pay 10% of regular list or anything like that.

I think there are M55 on this site for a grand or less.