Best Universal player or SACD player for the money

I am in the process of upgrading my system. Currently my system consist of:
Theta Casablanca II with Xtreme DAC
Denon S 10 CD player (as transport)
Pioneer DV S9 DVD player,Sony DVP 7700
Mark Levinson no. 333 Power Amp
B&W N 801 Speakers
Cables MIT
I am interested in upgrading my CD player.
I am satisfied with the sound of my current system.
Do I get any improvement in overall sound if I move to universal players like Denon 3910 etc. Any suggestions.
I use the Marantz SA14 with an otherwise all BIG Krell/B&W system.

Any Suggestions on Sony SCD XA 777 ES ?
Linn Unidisk ...none better
Exemplar 5910: the ultimate digital front end. Unbelievably good on CDs and excellent on SACD and DVD-A. It's very tweakable with different tubes, which will allow you to carefully match the rest of your system. We had a shootout with the EMM combo a couple of weeks ago and all of us thought the Exemplar was just as beautifully detailed, relaxed and dynamic, but with slightly richer, lusher tonal colors, which made it sound more natural and lifelike and definitely more emotionally involving.