Best universal for redbook???

Opinions, reviews, previous threads would be appreciated. $700-1000 new or used. Thanks
Is this not a ligitimate request? My collection consists mostly of redbook, with a few hi-rez discs that I have bought cheap. I guess I am trying to hedge my bets by buying a universal that stands out with redbook and also does welll with hi-rez. I am limited as to budget to about $700 give or take a few hundred. Thanks again.
My guess as to why you aren't getting any responses is this topic has been covered many times already. Have you checked the archives? Denon 2900 would be a good one to look at.
Denon 3910 is just over $1000, you can still find the 2900 or 2910. If you save a bit, you can get the mods on them. Check the thread "DV-50 is there any better". I think McCormack makes a player, Udp-1 for just over $1000 as well, it seems to get good reviews here.

On the cheaper side, check the yamaha player. It gets the job done nicely at a reasonable price. Just saw one for around $600 on this site.

Hope that helps.
jmpwme - note that the mccormack UDP-1 lists for $3500 - just a tad above $1,000.