Best U.S. made integrated tube amp under $2500?

Is there a better U.S. made integrated tube amp than my current great sounding Chinese manufactured Cayin A50T?
Music of preference is vocal; opera, lieder as well as chamber and chamber orchestra works. No large orchestral music.Some pop singers but no rock. Speakers are the wonderful Reference 3A Dulcet mini monitors (just received back from Canada with their basic upgrade installed), Cayin CD23 cd player in a small den.
I'm not unhappy with what I have but am curious if I can get better with an affordable U.S. made product.
Because we have a minimum wage here in the US, and we don't beat our children for not reaching their production quota's, it is quite difficult to produce quality gear at an affordable price. With that in mind, DIY kits can save some labor costs. I do know that Dynaco clones are on the market from various manufacturers; I am not sure but I think that there is a reissue of the Dyna SCA 35 which is a tubed integrated amp.
There are too many subjective landmines to state categorically that one integrated amp is better than another in your price range, but two USA made amplifiers that you can research are the Manley Labs Stingray II ($3000), and the Rogue Audio Cronus ($1795).
Hmmm. I would look into the Manley Stingray and the Rogue Cronus. I assume 40-50 tube watts is more than enough to drive the Dulcets. What I would buy for the price, and better than all of them in my opinion would be a Lightspeed Attenuator and Music Reference RM10MKII for $2,500 total, new. Don't think any of the other three options would be as good - but not an integrated and while the RM10 is handmade in California, the Lightspeed comes from Australia, but handmade by the owner so certainly not the product of "cheap" labor. The RM10s have enough power for my Merlin VSMs (89db, 8 ohm) so its's 35 watts might be enough to drive the Dulcets if they are not to be played to loud, in a smallish room like yours; I assume if you own Dulcets, you are not a headbanger....that would be a significant step forward IMHO. I think you would be more than impressed with what the Lighspeed/Music Reference could do for your wonderful speakers - the combo is cheap, but SOTA for a 35 watt amp.
Might also might be able to hit that price point with CJ or ARC used.

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Might also might be able to hit that price point with CJ or ARC used.
Do CJ and ARC make integrated amps?
VAC Avatar, though an older piece of gear, is well built and would power your speakers nicely.
I sure enjoy my Cary gear.
The Cary SLI80 is a big hit..The F1 version even bigger.
I also like the Rogue Cronus which they also have in a Magnum version around 2195.00
Clearly you mean 'assembled' in the USA. There is no new tube amp that does not contain some amount of 'foreign' content. You may be able to find a vintage amp with a lost less foreign content but in bringing it up to spec you will need to use foreign parts.

Finally, not to get 'political', there is legislation moving in Congress that will require all goods sold in the USA to clearly show the percentage of non USA content. I can't wait. It will be another way to 'rate' audio goods.
I have the Rogue Cronus Magnum and love it! I am using it with my JMlab speakers and they are a very good match.
Hi all,

Thanks for all the instant responses. I like everything I've read about the Cronus along with the Magnum version but I do like the EL34 (older production Svetlana) sound with my probably more important 12AX7 (Sylvania 5751 3 mica ecc83) and 12AU7(Brimar 13d5 ecc82). This leads to the question of how the KT90 tubes in the Cronus Magnum sound relative to the EL34. My main concern is how the power tubes effect the human voice. Also, can you still use the El34 tubes in the Magnum version? I can't seem to find an answer to that but I haven't pursued the question with the manufacturer. The additional power from the KT90 tubes is not as important to me as the upgraded parts quality. The Cary comment is appreciated but I have no idea
how the KT88 tubes would sound in my room. I seem to get mixed reviews on voice reproduction with them.
"Do CJ and ARC make integrated amps?" ARC still does, CJ seems to have stopped, but you could find a CAV 50 used.
Rogue Audio Cronus....I have the original "non-Magnum" version, and it is a wonderful integrated amplifier. It sounded great with the original Svetlana EL-34's, but I recently changed to a matched quad of Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's. Holy Cow !! It's now sounding better than ever ! I listen mostly to small ensemble jazz (tons of Blue Note LP's in my collection) and jazz/pop vocals (Johnny Hartman, Belafonte, Sinatra, Joni Mitchell, Jennifer Warnes, Ella, Patricia Barber, Sarah Vaughan, etc.). It is truly a beautiful amp for this type of music. You can still buy the non-Magnum EL-34 version. Happy Listening.
Consider going vintage. I'm thinking of a Fisher or Scott receiver, or an Eico integrated. You should easily be able to find updated/upgraded version of these products at well below your price level. Also consider a Mesa Tigris. Unfortunately they don't come up often and sell very quickly.
You can use EL34 in Magnum version. You can email Rogue directly. They are very helpful.
There is a Cary sli 50 listed now for 1500.00. It uses el34 outputs. 30 watts class A so it runs hot. My favorite amp. It has a dynamic exciting sound via Triad speakers. No remote control though.
Check out Tube Audio lab - Hand-made in California.
$2500 will get you one heck of an amplifier.
As to American-made tube integrateds, I think the VTL IT-85 and the Manley Stingray are great, and easily found used in your price range. As other posters have suggested, Cary and Rogue are also decent performers (in a number of models) in your price range. All of them will have a slightly different sound.

I am interested in this legislation. The question is if it is mostly built in one place (like China), bought FOB for $200, is shipped to the US "mfr" who takes it out of the box, inspects it, gives it a good rubdown with a dry cloth, adds a fancy brass plate on the back, and reboxes it, and sells it to his distributor for $600, how much 'content' is US and how much is non-US? I foresee no issues whatsoever at the low end, and a lot of potential issues at the top end.
Don't forget Decware.
Another one to consider is the Joule Electra Vamp. It is a hybrid integrated and excellent performer.
The Rogue Audio Tempest II is no slouch. It is basically a Stereo 90 amp with a passive pre.