Best type of Sub to consider?

I'm not looking for a brand or model recommendation at this time, but rather the best type of sub to fit my room and system. If you access my System pics, you will see that I have open corners behind my speakers and that my Horning speakers are rear ported. This has caused some energy loss, especially in the bass when compared to my previous setup in my other home.

I am a newbie to subs and see different design types that fire up, down, up and down, and forward. There may be other variations. So, does any of this matter when applying the best design type to a room, my room? My knee-jerk reaction is to go with forward firing in my situation, but that's complete speculation on my part, so why I'm asking.

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IMHO Servo flat plate amps and dedicated Open Baffle drivers naturally offer near flat bass response and do away with with nearly all the problems box subs cause as well as NEVER sound right. NO box sub can compete with a well made servo amp and 2 16 ohm 12" drivers for example. Or bigger or smaller for that matter. I like the 12's. 

I have the luxury of owning several systems and one of which has two Revel Rhythm2 subwoofers in it paired with Salon2's as well as all the goodies it needs to sound great and it's pretty good. Should be for $42K worth of speakers too however my GR RESEARCH Super V's I built (with those dual 12" drivers designed to go with these  by Rhythmic Audio's are sweet and simple as hell. They are the 370 PEQ  flat plate amp per side (I think they are called.  (thats a mere 370 watts vs. Revel's 2000 watts of blah blah blah BS is what it is.) the Super V's sound so much better in fact and without all the fancy dancy room correction LFO blahdie blahdie  blah digital crapola either, not even the onboard EQ switched on and dialed in eithe and it sounds 100 times better in every way with no nothing, no DSP, no room correction no nothin. I mean don't try messing up a room, but the room doesn't matter whereas with all other subs only the room matters. It's got to be darn near perfect and nobodies room is perfect ever.  For what, pennies in comparison too. In fact the sub's are for sale as are the Salon2. Who need this stuff when my kit speakers (on board subs) absolutely cream this other set up. It's kinda embarrassing frankly but live and learn. It's sad when you absolutely dial a super speaker and great subs in with super perfectly matched amps with super duper cables designed to extract the very best out of your room with that Synergistic Research Mojo KOOL AID crap too that works ever so incrementally it's sickening and more expensive the taking wonder trip around the world probably about 20 times or more. Simply all KOOL AID folks like all the other stuff. What a boatload, truck full, desert of KOOL AID. We don't need those ULTRA expensive cables either. What a complete smorgasbord of KOOL AID for the guzzling. I've finally learned. DO NOT DRINK ANY of it and keep your hard earned money. I truly hope I stop drinking that dam KOOL AID is all I can say because as always less is more and always will be. I"m serious about selling off this so called great Revel speakers too if anyone is interested. The Salon2 is a fine speaker actually as are the subs. I'll sell at my cost too. Got a bunch of stuff for sale actually, some super kool stuff too. Whoops I got off track here. So Sorry. I am serious about the sub's however, don't waste your money on much else I can honestly say. No JL, no REL, no Revel if you want absolutely killer sound that is or real sounding sound that actually helps your mains sound the best they'll ever sound. Not the worse, so you just keep struggling and spending and drinking, something, like KOOL AID. Check out Servo amps and nice big drivers and you'll be glad you did. GR Research sells them as does Rhythmic Audio and a whole slew of others too I'm sure. For that matter buy some open baffle speakers while your at too and hear the dam music you've been trying hearing for so dam long. No all OB speakers are created equal but most will have you tapping your toes like never before and stop that frustrating feeling of being had all the time. NO MORE KOOL AID should be every person that wants a simple great life new chant. Thats not a plug either it's just an honest recommendation. I have no reason to give them business except I think the stuff is great and totally underestimated across the board. NO subwoofer is going to sound as musical as these puppies. God's honest truth too. An expert audio engineer could work for 1000 hours trying to EQ, Room Correct, Add Bass traps and you name it and it'll never sound as good as just turning on a pair of dual 12"'s driver by servo amps. Not even close. The amount of frustration saved is worth every cent of the cost and more. You'll actually be able to listen to your music opposed to fussing with the horrendous task of trying to crossover some sub with your mains whereas it's not even really possible in 99% of all rooms no matter what anyone says. Oh you'll get noise or sound but it'll be nothing like those servo amps plates and OB drivers. Is the end all. I don't know but it sure as hell beats beating one's head against the wall buying XLR, Single ended, short long cables bass traps DSP bulloney with no mustard and all that nonsense and software no one car run and special Mic's that are nonsense bluetooth thingamajigs' for what. NOTHING. Mark my words folks and try making your mains sound right. you won't no matter what anyone selling KOOL AID tells you, ever. Sorry for all the typo's and my scatterbrain ADHD blather but for what it's worth there might just be something to what I'm saying here.
Hi Kenny,

As my said the OB design is without peer IMO unless you enjoy adjusting and moving subs all over the darn place to find out there's no good place for it and integration is impossible. 

I've never heard a box sub integrate properly. Not once. Remember I'm the guy with two $10K subs too. 

Only the OB Servo driven subs are the most room friendly subs there is.

bdp24- that is what I'm talking about. Imagine 3-12" drivers driven by one 370 watt amp per side. WHOA is all I can say and button down the hold downs. 
Hey bdp24- 

For discussion purposes I'd like to point out if a person was so inclined to run 4 dual 12" servo driven OB subs in the H frames like mentioned. Just how great this set up naturally circumvents the need for room correction or EQ measures and that multiple subs self cancel standing waves quite nicely on top of all the other plus's. A person would have quite a mighty system for music or movies. I'll also mention for the cost of 4 dual 12" with the amps etc. being around what $3600 maybe. (not sure how much flat pack H frames run) but WOW is all I can say. If I were to do this from scratch realizing my room is 23X19'-6" and my IC's are would be well over 10' long, I'd opt for the balanced version in the amps (XLR) inputs and outputs. It's like $20 per XLR too reduce noise.