best turntable new or used under $1000

looking to upgrade my old thorens td 166 mk II with grace ruby cartridge some thoughts RR
Look for a Rega P25 with an RB600 tonearm. The prices are coming down on these. You should be able to find one in this price range.
It has been held in high regards by many of the experts since it was introduced.
If I had listened to one before I bought my P9, I could have saved myself some money.
Just my two cents worth.
VPI HW19.......... Rega arm
I second the Rega P-25, RB 600 combo. You can find a new one under $1K and have money left for the Heavyweight and VTA up-grades.
I've been trying to select a new TT, too. I've swung from low price to $1k starting with:

* adding a nice cartridge on my Denon Dp-790
* new Music Hall MMF5
* new Music Hall MMF7
* used Linn LP12

as well as thinking about product from Rega and VPI.

I have 2,500 rock lps.

I'd buy the MMF5 today for under $500 but if I'm going to push $1k then I'll probably delay. I read one user buy a sub $1500 used TT and felt it was dramatically better than the MMF5.


origin live aurora
The Nottingham Horizon retails new at $1000 with a Rega RB-250 arm. Mikey Fremer had nothing but good things to say about it a survey of "affordable" tables (Rega, Project, Nottingham). You'd be able to upgrade the arm over time to improve the performance. I have the Interspace with an Origin Live modded RB250 and love it.