Best Turntable for Massive Solid Stand

I've got my components set up on an Atlantis Reference 5-shelf stand, which I really like. The frame is heavy steel, sand-fillable columns with MDF shelves set upon points at their corners. The top shelf rests on upward pointing points as well. The lower shelves contain over 150 pounds of equipment currently. I really like this setup, and want to keep my turntable on top. I suspect I'm not getting maximum performance out of my Linn LP12, and am considering an upgrade. The TT should work best sitting on such a rack system, and optimally not cost more than $2500 with tonearm. I'm looking for input on what (types and models of) TT's would work best for this setup in the given price range.

BTW - The remainder of the system consists of Quad 988's, a BAT VK30 preamp, and a Bruce Moore design Dual 70 tube amp. Thanks for good advise!!!
Without suggesting a particular tt I would suggest you take a serious look at something unsuspended. It sounds like you have a good solid stand and should be able to use something without the complication of suspension. It doesn't make sense to pay for technology you do not need. Everything on a table costs money, skip a few parts and you should be able to upgrade in another area.
I hope this makes sense, you don't need anything with fancy vibration-free suspension, so don't pay for it.
I am assuming vibrations are not an issue with your stand. If I am wrong, ignore this!!!
Get the origin live Aurora with stand alone-motor and upgraded power supply, silver Tonearm and shelter 501 cartridge. After AB testing
This turntable kicked the crap out of the Nottingham Spacedeck and some prefer it to the Hyperspace.
For the money nothing even comes close.
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