Best turntable bet.$1000 -4000?

Have thiel36,mark lev 380s/331/sony scd-1.Do I need phono preamp,special power supply,separate cartridge/tonearm?Looking at linn-12,vpi,thorens td850,accoustic signature,origin live resolution?Any feedback.
The VPI Scout! Nothing can bet it for the price. Believe the hype!
or the Scoutmaster, even better !!
I have:

Thiel 3.6/ML #333/ARC LS2B MKII/ML#37+Sonic Frontier SFD2MKII. I am using Michell Orbe SE + SME V + Shelter 901. Phonostage is ARC PH3SE. Great combo.

You will get a different answer from everyone that responds to your question. At a minimum, I think you need to mention in your post what kind of sound you are looking for. It's like asking what's the best speaker in the $1000 and $4000 range. Every table/arm/cartridge/phonstage combination has a different sound signature. On top of that, we start to get into different technologies in this price range, suspension vs. non-suspension, belt driven vs. direct drive, etc. It all comes down to personal preference. To make things even more confusing, you will also have to decide which tonearm will mate well with your table/cartridge.

I do not believe ML380S has a phonostage, so you will need to add a phonostage. Depending on which phonostage you choose, there will be a limitation on which cartridge you can use, and vise versa. This is due to the output of the cartridge. Some phonostage will have adjustable gain level, but many do not, so you have to find one that will have enough gain for the cartridge of your choice.

Are we talking only the table or are we talking table/arm/cartridge combo for under $4K? I would add the Michell tables onto that list. Michell Gyro SE + upgraded power supply + Origin Live modded RB250 would be a good combo. You could probably add the EAR 830P as a phonostage, and a Shelter 501 MkII, all for around $4K. Check out the used market as well, that way you could stretch your money a little further. Many items could also be purchased overseas with substantial savings.

Thanx for feedback.
teres...there are a few very good tables in this price range..nottingham spacedeck...vpi tool...They are all good enough that "the best" is simply splitting hairs.
try a eurolab/morch combo.excellent table & arm
thanx guys-for feedback.
a dual arm scheu premier II can be ordered factory direct for about 2000....wonderful table
Find a used Well Tempered. The deal of the century. You may never need to upgrade again.

I have to agree on the used Well Tempered, but of course my bias would stem from the fact that I own a Classic V. Be aware that the arm is a real pain to set up, but once it's set mmmm sweet it is.

I was looking into the Teres line, but this table came along as a great deal and I am happy with it indeed.

Good luck in your search.

Happy listening,

thanx guys for the feedback.