Best Turntable and Tonearm for AT-ML180 Cartridge

I have just acquired an Audio Technica AT-ML108 cartridge and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions as to what tonearm and turntable combination would best mate with it so as to enable this superb cartridge to perform at its musical optimum.

In other words, I want to start with the cartridge and work up stream from there (rather than starting with a turntable and tonearm and then looking for a cartridge).

For reference only, I currently run a completely updated (Khan, Sole, MOSE + Hercules) Linn LP12 turntable with an updated (by Audio Origami) Syrinx PU3 tonearm but am happy to change to whatever will bring out the best of the AT-ML180.
Oops, that should of course be AT-ML180
Hello, i got two AT-ML180 VM OFC and one AT-ML170 VM OCC in my collection. Fantastic cartridges! At the moment i use AT-ML170 on Victor 7045 tonearm with lightweight Orsonic headshell on Luxman PD441 turntable and i love it. When i bought the AT-ML180 it was on my Reed 3P "12 Cocobolo tonearm on SP10mk2 turntable for some time, here is a picture.  
1. Trans-Fi Audio´s TerminatorT3Pro air bearing TA + quality direct rim drive TT
2. SME III + ORACLE DELPHI (early models before IV)
Thanks for the suggestions. I would be interested in knowing the basis for selecting these combinations.
Dear @ifanpayne: Did you mounted/test it in that analog rig?  did you like  what your listening there?

Yes, then why ask for something different.  No, what was the " problem " with. What did not like you?

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC not DISTORTIONS,
Having researched the Terminator T3 air bearing arm, this seems a really interesting mate for the AT-ML180. If I went this route, and I had up to $5000, what would be the recommendations for a "quality direct rim drive TT"? 
Dear @ifanpayne: Could you give us the answers to my questions?. Thank's in advance.


I appreciate the question but it’s asked on the wrong premise. I have not heard the AT-ML180 on my equipment and will have to buy a turntable and arm for it (my Linn is otherwise employed). So I thought that this might be an opportunity to ask an engineering question.

Given the mechanical and physical properties of the cartridge, what would theoretically (in terms of physics) be the most compatible cartridge/arm/turntable system? My knowledge of the physical properties of the components, and the synergy between them, is not up to analyzing and calculating this.

I realize that the final choice of equipment will be based on more than just the physical interaction between the components and that personal sonic preferences will enter into the final decisions but I am looking for a rational starting place. 

The Hi Fi industry, like many others, is largely based on marketing, hype, lust (after the newest, sexiest piece of kit) envy and profit margins. And on top of that we all tend to hear what we want to hear (“veils are lifted”). But since cartridge-arm-turntable is an (albeit complex) mechanical system I thought that it should be possible to start out with a rational approach before getting into the psycho-acoustic variables.

Last night i replace my AT-ML170 on Victor 7045 tonearm. Few days ago i received my Sylvania Gold Brand 12at7WA tubes to replace my Telefunken ECC801. The AT-ML180 was monted on Grace HS-6 carbon headshell. i really enjoyed this cartridge on Victor tonearm as much as my new tubes.