Best turntable And cartridge for Rega Brio R

I need To know if someone have experience With Rega Brio R and Can tell me The Best choice for turntable and cartridge . Thank you so much!  
Cannot go wrong with Rega 3 or 6 with Rega cart.

The best TT & Cartridge is any TT and MM cartridge that the Brio's phono stage can handle and most important, sounds best to you!

Cartridges, like speakers, are transducers with all brands sounding different from one another.  So they are highly subjective so go out and start auditioning.  Your Brio R won't care what you choose.

The question is impossible to answer. No budget is provided, no speakers are provided. Frankly, any turntable with any cartridge of suitable output will work 

As for a best choice, define "best"

there are many table/cartridge choices available at or under $1k

rega, mmf, project, to name a few