Best tuner w tubes and remote for around $1000.?

Okay, maybe there isn't such a thing, but I don't know everything that's out there, so I thought I'd ask.
Does any one know of a tuner with tubes that is remote capable for around a grand? I know the Magnum Dynalabs are supposed to be nice, but I don't do much critical listening to the radio. Maybe I would if I had a $3000.00 tuner, but that's out of range right now.
Thanks for the answers, if any...
Do a full restoration on a cherry Dynaco FM-3 and you will be amazed. Then get a Creek remote attenuator and enjoy!

I could go the old vintage route, but I want the convienience of remote channel changing too.
Someone recommended the Jolida. I may go that route.

look up on this list at a Jolida JD-402 tube tuner and go for the Level-2 mod at Underwood Hi-Fi or Underwoodwally as he is known here at AudiogoN
Actually, I got the basic unit. My point was to not spend much, and spending less was even more satisfying. As my other post said, I think this is a great buy for the money. The highs are sometimes a litte thin, and the bass is sometimes a little soft, but what a deal at less than $400.00. As I mainly use the tuner for background music, the Jolida is more than adequate. Glad you like your improved tuner. Not having had experience with the Jolida before, I opted to go with the basic unit and upgrade it if I thought it needed it later on. Don't think I'll bother at this point.