Best tuner to listen to internet radio, not HD rad

I want to be able to listen to the internet radio - BBC, local stations all over the world using the internet broadcasts. Have a WiFI connection to my DSL.
B&O has a model for a lot of money. I see Sangean has a model. I am looking for the best sounding unit to plig into my pre-amp.
Get a Squeezebox Classic and don't look back. It will also allow you to access your itunes library through a WiFi connection.
I do agree, the squeezebox classic is the best route of streaming music
Or just use any handy computer and an outboard USB DAC. The Squeezebox is great, but a dedicated device just for streaming Internet stations is overkill.
I am only looking for a dedicated WiFi internet radio tuner. Not music server or FM/AM radio. If it exists. Thanks for the input.
I went to my local audio store. They said buy the Sonos wireless unit. How does it compare to the Squeezebox? For best sound buy the unit with Peachtree Audio integrated DAC and amp. Thanks.
I bought the Logitech Squeezebox Radio today. Setup took less than 30 minutes including software update. Since I am only looking for radio, it seems as a great way for me to try internet radio. Very impressed with the simple and clear software so far.