best tuner for Sonus Faber

I have Sonus Faber home editions, and a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated. I want to upgrade my tuner for good classical music, and was considering both the Mac MR67 (tube) or a Mac ss, or a Sansui tu-9900 or tu 919. Any suggestions which might produce better acoustics? Is it wise to integrate tube with ss, or stick to one type? Also, is a tube tuner OK for a SF speaker? I live just above NYC. thanks
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no problem pairing tube with ss- i prefer tube pre and ss amps with my cremonas and auditors--tube gives it a rounder sound that i prefer--i went with mac, a nice choice for sf-have fun,b
You'll find this older thread to be of interest:

In my fairly extensive experience with vintage tube tuners, and a few modern solid state ones, I haven't found speaker or system synergy to be particularly significant. The more accurate the system the better a good tuner will sound.

Mixing tube and solid state is certainly not a problem, and in fact some solid state systems, that verge on edginess, will probably be better served by a tube tuner than a solid state one.

If possible, I would strongly recommend that you set up a good rotatable roof-mounted antenna.

With a vintage tube tuner, condition (tubes, alignment, capacitors, etc.) is paramount, and generally more important than make or model.

I'm not familiar with the Sansui's, which I think are commented on in the thread I linked to, but I have had excellent-to-glorious results with the following: REL (Radio Engineering Laboratories) 646C "Precedent" (requires separate multiplex adapter for stereo), Marantz 10B, Scott 310D & 311D (both require a separate mpx adapter for stereo), RadioCraftsmen 10 (mono only), McIntosh MR71, Fisher FM90X (mpx adapter required).

If you choose a tuner which requires a separate multiplex adapter for stereo, I would recommend either the Scott 335 (or LM35, which is the same thing but originally in kit form), or the Fisher MPX100.

Among these tuners, and also some modern solid state ones I've tried including the Carver TX11 (which includes special provisions to increase sensitivity), the REL Precedent (which is what I currently use, in conjunction with a Scott LM35 multiplex adapter) is by far the most sensitive, in stereo with the LM35 as well as in mono mode, and it is as good as or better than all of the others sonically. Although relative to the Marantz 10B, that may have simply been due to the REL being in better condition. Both the REL and the 10B, though, are quite expensive (ca. $3K), and the REL is hard to find in good condition at any price.

Hope that helps,
-- Al
FWIW, and apart from my agreement with Almarg's comments in the first four paragraphs, I have an all tube system except for my tuner and I can not envision a need for a tubed tuner. I'm using an Accuphase T101 - it is clear as a bell, full toned, balanced frequency response, and quiet, all I think I'll ever need. Oh, if the signal coming in is 'musical' it will come out musical. If its garbage it will come out garbage. But its neither 'bright' nor clinical. Are there better tuners? I'm sure there are. Are they worth the difference in cost? I'm not so sure unless you like to DX or need to get the 'warmth' that tubes can provide.