Best tubes under $100? for Fisher integrated


I have a Fisher 5qb? something design integrated tube amp. I don't have much in the amp, of course, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some great tubes. I have heard good things about Bugle Boys, but am really new to the whole tube thing. I am mostly into hf detail, female voice, and soundstage. I like airyness and even slightly bright components. Will be driving monitors with ribbon tweeters. My bass is more than adequate with a sub and has virtually unlimited adjustment. Any ideas? thanks!
I may be wrong but I think a single BB could cost $100...

JJ Electronics has reasonably priced tubes that perform well for the money

search the archives for tube sources
You didn't mention what family of tubes you are looking for. Here's Upscale Audio's URL. Kevin could give you some very sound advice, if you were to tell him your tastes/preferences and price range. His testing/screening/grading procedures are second to none. (