Best tubes/mods for Jolida 302a

Any help appreciated for Jolida 302a retubibg or mods...feeding aa Ah Tjoeb player into Paradigm Studio 40.v2 also input on cales/wire needed for female student newbie
I've owned a 302B and as I recall the tubing is similar. I've had a bit of experience with some of those tubes so I could make the following recommendations for retubing. Of the current production EL-34 tubes I've enjoyed the ElectroHarmonix (EH) and also the Svetlana's which I did use in the 302B. Either will sound much better than the Chinese tubes they come with, and both are reasonably priced. You may also seek out some JJ Tesla tubes for more $ - if you can find some old stock from the early 90's in the blue and yellow boxes give those a shot, they're great EL34's. For the 12AX7's go with NOS Tungsram's. Last time I looked Jon had some of these at The Tube Store. I have no experience with mods on Jolida gear. You may want to contact Underwood Audio who does do mods on Jolida and is located near the US Jolida headquarters. No idea what "cales/wire" might be...a typo perhaps(?)

Ooops she ment cables...sorrythanks for the feedback Marco
Ah, well there are tons of threads on inexpensive cables and wires, and a whole section to search on AudioAsylum too. It may help to list her system components if you are asking advice about wires, since it makes little sense to buy cables and wires that will not live up to their potential (not be worth the investment) given the system you are pairing them with.

Simply on the basis of bang-for-buck on the entry-level I'd look to the smaller independent manufacturers making solid products, such as DH Labs and Signal Cables, rather than go buying boutique wires where you are paying for their advertising budget and overhead.


Very good point...she will be using the original Ah tjoeb cd player and Paradigm studio 40's so if anybody has had great sonic success with a particular brand model of cable it would be of great worth to know
i'd second the EH el34s.