Best tubes for phono-stage?

Both I and a friend had our Audio Research SP-15's(w/3 tube phono-stage)updated by Great Northern Sound.The update turned out to be incredibly successful,and,worth every penny!We have tried low noise TELE cca(TOO thin sounding),a few crappy Chinese &Russian types,Very good 7308 Amperex U.S.(non PQ)>My friend settled on BRITISH Mullard(GOLD PINS)and I on EDISWAN 5358 very low noise types.The results are fine,but should I still consider stuff like Other Amperex(PQ etc.)Bugle boy,maybe SIEMENS?Thought I knew a good amount here,but Obviously I do not.Really would appreciate feedback!
If they used neutral caps, I'd get some 6DJ8 BB's. In a good circuit, they are pretty hot sounding. They are not too far off from the 7308's, but they are better sounding IMO. I am not sure I have ever heard Ediswan's though, they have a good rep, but it seems a lot of impossible to get tubes do, so who knows what is true if you cannot get them to try?
Go with the Amperex orange globe 6dj8's if you can't buy the telefunken e188cc's.
Siemens 7308 A-frame works the best for me on the SP-11 MK II phono stage.
You may consider checking Joe's Tube Lore at audio asylum as there is good info on 6dj8/6922/7308 family of tubes.
I have a PH3 SE and have tried most all the different tubes from white & orange labeled Amperex PQ's,/7308's.. BB 6dj8's, Siemens 7308's and 6922's, Tele 6dj8's... Like you,I have found that the Ediswan 5358's are what I prefer for their linearity, yet very musical and clean, quiet sound. I also run a quad in my LS25. I think they are the best for my particular set up.--Ken