Best tubes for modulus 3A

I'm going crazy"(well not really) trying to fined a really good tube for the 3A.If any present or past owners know of any super matches please respound.
I would give Kevin Deal a call at Upscale Audio a call. I have been dealing with him for a while and find him to be a great help when picking NOS tubes. I put some NOS Tunsgrams in my M3A, and they sound great. Best-Gary
I'm very pleased with 60's vintage Siemens in my M3 I also know someone who swears by the Mullard gold pins. IMHO the Siemens offer better detail and a more neutral character, but tubes are very subjective (what isn't?) and strictly a matter of taste. Good luck.
P.S. The Siemens are 6DJ8's.
I have used both Ediswan and Tungsrams from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. Both have been very good. I highly recommend the Tungsrams, as they hold up better in the long run in the AI.
As a former manager for a store that sold the Audible I've tried just about every tube available.All of us who worked there agreed that the Siemens 6922 or 7308 edged out any of the Amperex tubes.This conclusion was also based on tube life. The Siemens lasted longer in this tube eater.