Best tubes for Jolida 1501 RC?

Just took the plunge for a Jolida 1501 RC integrated to match with my Klipsch speakers. It hasn't arrived but does have the stock tubes in the pre-amp section. What do you fellow 'Goners recommend for tubes? I understand the stock Chinese tubes aren't the best. My musical tastes are electric blues with some classic rock ( Tull, Moody Blues etc). Any and all suggestions appreciated.
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Tung Sols worked good in mine. Did not try others, but the
Tungs made the stock tubes sound like garbage.
If you can get the tube 8417 any brand,will make a big difference and outperform any 7AC base socket.
Thanks realdeal. I have ordered some Svetlana's which seems to be a good match and certainly an upgrade. I wil keep that in mind however.