Best Tubes for Golden Tube SE-40?

I just bought 2 Golden Tube Audio SE-40's to use bridged mono for the top end of my system. I have a Conrad Johnson PV-8 preamp and Snell A-III's. I'm using an Adcom GFA-555 for the bottom end. Of course each SE-40 has different tubes from different manufacturers (I bought them used from two different people) Can anyone recommend the best tubes to use in these amps. They will only be used for midrange and highend so I'm looking for tubes that excel in this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
For my source I use a Rega Planar 2 W/Grado Signature Platinum Cartridge and a Conrad Johnson Sonograph CD player.

For drivers I like the Brimar 6sn7gty in V1 and a Tung-Sol 6sn7gtb in V2. I have heard the RCA red base 5692 is also very good. I haven't tried any different power tubes. I guess Svetlana 6L6 are supposed to be good. There is a Golden Tube mailing list that has a lot of dicussions about what tubes sound good and a lot of information about the SE-40. The address is You could go there and search the archives.
Rick, how are you setting gain between SS and tube amp? What speakers are you driving?

I'm thinking of the same basic setup...