Best TUBES for Conrad-Johnson AMPS

This year I have purchased a PV-5 preamp and a MV-50 power amp. What tubes will give me the best sound? Tubes in PV-5 are: 12AX7, 5751, 5965. The tubes in MV-50 are: EL34, 6FQ7, 5751. Thanks for any suggestions.
I would suggest you stay with what CJ recommends. They have designed the equipment to utilize a specific tube. I have CJ equipment and have tried other tube types and have found that while they all sounded different, none honestly sounded better; just different. All tubes had different sound signitures placing emphasis on different aspects of the music. I ultimately ended up back with the stock tubes. Besides if you are not careful tube rolling can have detremental effects on your equipment. Just enjoy the music!

My experience with tube rolling has been great.

I have owned CJ17LS preamp and CJ Premier 12 mono amps. I had great success in buying NOS tubes that significantly improved the sound. The CJ dealer that I bought equipment from heard and agreed they sounded better with NOS tubes.

First suggestion is to go to audioasylum and perform a search on tube recommendations for each type of tube you are considering finding NOS replacements.

I bought the following NOS tubes for my Premier 12s and they significantly improved the sound. More dynamic and much cleaner sounding. I didn't expect the amount of improvement but was interested in trying NOS tubes.

6CG7 NOS RCA Blackplates (50s) ( 4 ) $50ea
5751 NOS Sylvania Gold Label (4) $20 ea

CJ has to use tubes they know they can get dependable supply of. So they are not in a position to use NOS tubes.