Best Tubes for Aesthetix IO Phono Stage?

I'd like to get some insight on various tube type success stories out there on this wonderful phono stage. I'm relatively new to the tube scene after many years of SS gear. One thing I must say that I have become spoiled by with the SS stuff is how quiet it can be (low noise floor).

What are some of the best tubes available to minimize my Aesthetix's tube noise while maintaining it's fantastic sonics and dynamics? (I'm using a Lyra Helikon Cartidge - .35mv)

Thanks in advance.
I am at work right now so I don't have the exact information handy, but I'll share my general approach for my Aesthetix Io. BTW, I got the best ideas from Albert Porter, some additional information and great tubes from Kevin at Upscale Audio, and more information about tubes Brian at Analog Shop in San Jose. I use Mazdas for the first stage in the phonos. I am running a Keotsu Onyx Platinum with around .25V output. I needed a very quiet first gain stage. The Mazdas are very quiet and very fast. In the next two phono gain stages I used Mulards (old logos -1960). I have a set a Telefunkens also which sound damn good, but I prefer that first combination. There's one more tube type in the phono stage and I'll get back to you wit that information on Monday. In the 2 Power Supplies. BTW, do this upgarde its worth it! I use Genelex KT-66 for the power tubes and Mullards for the others. The all these NOS tubes are quite expensive and I have built up a gold mine of NOS tubes in my cabinet over the years. Aside from the costs, which is a very personal decision, you can get fantastic music from the Aesthetix Io. Be prepared to enter the "zone". I should add that all this took me three years and has been a lot of fun too. Be sure and talk to Albert, Kevin, and Brian as they are the experts.
one of the best posts on this site happens to be about just this from albertporter at:

and if that doesn't work do a search for aesthetix and find the post with heading Aesthetix IO-problems??? and look for that thread yourself. it's a must-read for someone with your question.
Kudos to Kublakan! Very helpful and kool way to help a fellow A'goner to specific information contained in a thread. Nice job! I am going to try playing around with your method myself - I like it!
Gerrym5 & Kublakhan:

Great assistance. Thanks. I'll research the referenced thread. Gerrym5, I'll also look forward to any additional info that you may have next week.

Thanks again,
thanks gerry and good luck audiopman.