Best tubes 6922 for my Sonic Frontiers SFCD1 ?

I have problem, with my SFCD1 player's sound stage.
There is huge sound stage, when using Rega TT, and very limited, when using CD player. The difference is so big... I stopped listening CDs. Is it possible, that different tubes will improve sound stage that much? Wich ones? Currently using Sovtec 6922.
Changing tubes in a CDP should not change the 'soundstaging' ability of a CDP/DAC. Change the tone, change the clarity, perhaps even add a little 'air', but not make a 'huge' change. BTW, I think the Sovtek 6922, is at best only barely OK. It is cold and clinical in tone. I much prefer NOS Tesla's (new JJ's are OK), EI's, Siemens and Amperex.

If your TT presents a 'huge' soundstage AND pinpoint imaging you are in hog heaven. But, as with the difference between the soundfield created by panel speakers (broad, deep and tall but diffuse with oversized singers and solo instruments v cone speakers (which tend to have smaller and very specific locations properly sized instruments and can have a smaller soundstage) you may just be hearing a fundamental difference between different source formats.

This is grate. I have big respond on "Canuck", but you got right to the point; " fundamental difference between different source formats" I had that in back of my head.
It may be, that I'm one more TT/Vinyl lover, and I just realized this :]

Thank you. Greg.
try an upgrade AC cord on the CDP, many options & different sonic signatures so you must experiment.

Also look into shelves, cones, footers. experimentation is required for best results.
I used to own the sfd2 mk2. I did change the tubes a few times but it did not make a big change to the sound. It was a very good dac though.