Best Tube recommendation for Jadis Orchestra Reff.

Want to upgrade the tubes on my Jadis Orchestra Reff, and looking for the best fit - don't mind spending for value.
Saffy, as I said: Stick with your KT90, but get a matched quad and if money is not an object, try to get a matched pair of the fabulous ECC803s by Telefunken. But then that is overkill. An ordinary well matched and tested pair of normal Tele ECC83 will do you nicely, but insist on the diamond markings and good specs. Newbees advice about the Jugo driver tubes in your other thread is very good and they are readily available and cost much less! As far as the Teles are concerned, there are so many fakes floating around, that it is difficult to know beforehand, what you will get, unless you have a well tested and reliable source.
What about high quality KT-88s' ?
I hear that although less powerful, they have better dynamics and bass.
Now I would say that the contrary is true. The KT88, though more expensive and less reliable, have a sweeter midrange on this type of gear.The KT90 is more dynamic and a little "rough" in comparison. However here opinions vary and the proof lies in the listening. If you are really set on KT 88s and don't mind spending the money, I'd go for those types which are on ebay right now and forget about all the rest:
saffy, I do not have access to the Jadis so i can not tell you how a particular tube will sound in it, but i can tell you that, power wise, there is basically no difference between 6550's, KT88's, and KT90's. There is a difference sound wise which is very system dependent. Detlof's comments on the KT90 mirror mine, and dispite the fact that many folks like it i do not use it (i have a couple of used quads - just in case i change amps some day). If you suspect that the mid range distortions you noted in your other thread might have their origin in the power tubes i would get a quad of Svet 6550's and Sovtek KT88 (don't laugh too loud, they arn't all that bad, they are rugged, and sound prety decent used with the right drivers)or Svet KT88 and try them. They all sound different. Could be an interesting expiriment done on the cheap.
If you don't purchased your tubes yet try also 6CA7 (old EL34 US types) they sound fantastic on my orchestra reference. I personally like EL34's because have more wideband and much musical then KT90's. KT'90's are more broadband and punchy. It's a matter of taste. My opinion don't even try 6550. My best experience is on 6CA7.
I appreciate your experiences

Happy listenings