Best tube preamplifier for under $15k

Let’s hear it guys, what’s your favorite. 
Who are you people! Best preamp under $15,000.00 dollars. That's dollars. This hobby has been hijacked by people with more money than sense.
I love my LTA MicroZotl
I just got a Linear Tube Audio Integrated amp at home and it’s balls out amazing. Superlatives aren’t sufficient to cover how dead quiet it is, how much musical information it reveals, and how much tube magic it imparts without being in any way veiled, warmed over, or syrupy.  
Well worth checking them out and at about a third of this price range. 
Tried the PS Audio BHK and the Stellar preamps which we’re both kinda meh so I decided to check out an integrated from Linear Tube Audio to see what the fuss was about on the Berning circuit.  It’s the real deal. 
Don't count me in.
LTA sounds like it might be OK.
OR might not be. 
Your ears are different than mine.
Or anyone's here, brianiac.
Why not trust biased reviews?

Another LTA fan here.IME it really does give you the best of both worlds - clean,quite,fast,but also the 3D tube magic.