Best Tube Preamp with Phono under $2000 ?

What is the best tube pre-amp with a MM phono stage under $2000?

I have been looking at CJ ET-2 and McIntosh ; theyare both in the 4K-5K range.

What is the best "value-for-money" tube pre-amp in the 2K range that includes a decent phono stage?

Thanks in advance for your responses.
That's an easy one; Cary Audio SLP98p, used.
New or used?
High value. Juicy Music Blueberry. Under $500 used.
First off,there is no, per se,"best" of anything.That is way to broad of a term to be useful.Whats "best" for me may not be "best" for you.There are however,plenty of good preamps in your price range.You have to make sure whatever you buy matches up with you present equipment.That being said,give the Rogue Metis an audition if possible.Don't let the $995.00 price fool you.This is a nice unit.If you want/need a remote,I think it bumps the price up another $100.00.
A used Audible Illusions 3A should be on your short list; not much more than that new.
I'd second the SLP-98P
I don't know if best or not, but I am very happy with the ARC sp-16 in my system. It is very good for sure.

The Juicy Music BLueberry Tvad mentioned is another I considered but I decided to go with the ARC in that my local dealer was able to demo and order for me new about a year ago when some of the last of these were being made new as I understand it.
Try a Audio Research Sp 9 Mark II in your budget. I had one and it was very, very nice. The Audible Illusion Modulus 3 with the gold phono card is the all time classic and IMHO the one to beat in this price range. (They typically go for @1200...)
I sold Mac for years and they are great products maybe not last word in resultion (both tube and SS) but musical.Newer CJ stuff is better than older but still very "tubey" (warm and plenty of "bloom").I am not sure about ET-2 but am sure it's better than PV series.with lot's of bloom though they have cut down noise.Check Modwright 9 SE or a used BAT.I mention the Bat because they allow for mono and polarity and there are a few used that would be available.A old standby is the Audible Illusions 3 is same design for years because it does offer value.The Cary is good.If you can go with minimalist design look up a used Dodd Battery powered pre.Maybe a tad more than your budget $3K new)but tubed and quiet as hell since it's off AC grid.
I just saw an MFA Magus on here for $995. Simply the sweetest pre I've ever heard. Great tube stage phono pre built in.
What amplifier is going to mated with this preamp? Impedance matching is key.

For example, the Juicy Music Blueberry has a 3.5 kOhm output impedance. It
must be mated with an amplifier having high input impedance.

Be certain to check the output impedances of all the preamps you consider, and
check that they will properly match with your amplifier. If you have a tube amp,
then your possibilities are pretty wide open. If your amp is SS, then you need to
be very careful with matching.
Anu, any comments so far?
Not sure what amp your using but there is a BAT VK-3iX w/phono new in the box for 2100.00 here, now for sale. Full warranty.
Thank you everyone for your comments. They have helped me immensely in identifying the various options I have at this price point.

Some of you asked about the AMP these will be connected to. It will be connected to two Monarchy SE100 MK2 Monoblocks.

The rest of the system is as follows:

Musichall MMF 5.1 turntable with the Goldring 2200 MM cartrige
Cabridge Audio DAC with Sony PS3 as transport

Pre Amp: Onkyo - but looking to upgrade

Interconnect: Kimber Hero

Amp: Monarchy SE100 Monoblocks

Speaker Cable: Supra PLY 3.4

Speakers: NHT VT 2.4

There is no info on the Monarchy website regarding input impedance of the
SA100 monoblocks. I strongly suggest contacting Monarchy and obtaining this
specification before purchasing a preamp. It's possible that some tube preamps
will not match optimally with the solid state Monarchy amps. You need to have
this information before writing the check.
*That's an easy one; Cary Audio SLP98p, used--Macdadtexas*

I 2nd the Cary Audio SLP98. I've had one for a few years, & love it. Mine doesn't have the phono stage tho; I used a C-J SS phono stage with it & that was a nice solution. The thing with Cary gear is, almost all of it sounds great.....
The input impedance of the SE-100 is 40Kohms. I was told that it should work well with any pre-amp between 50 ohms and 50K ohms.

How does this limit / expand the available options?
I don't think the 50K ohm figure is correct. Perhaps they meant 5k ohms.

In any case, with a 40k ohm input impedance for the SE-100, most tube amps will work, IMO, including the Cary SL-98p that has an output impedance that rises to 6.8k ohms at one point (according to John Atkinson's Test Measurements section of the Stereophile review).
What is the price of the Cary SL-98p *NEW* ? I am trying to get a *NEW* amp in this price range if possible.
Rogue 99 Magnum
BAT VK-3i with remote and phono

Both used can be found at around $1000~1500.