Best tube preamp with phono stage and mono switch?

I just got a Rogue 88 that will be driving a pair of Cornwalls. I need a tubed preamp with a phono stage and a mono switch. Under $1000. What are my best options.?
Any of the Audio Research preamps with SP designation (not LS models) have great phono stages and mono capability. An SP-9 MkII for example would have all you are looking for. I don't know how compatable ARC products are with your Rogue though.
Hello....Do you need a phono stage for MC or just MM? If MM is all you need, I suggest the ARC SP-8 if you like a lush harmonic rich sound. When I first heard this model in 1983, my addiction to tube audio gear was born. If you like more of a neutral sound, the SP-9 is a great choice. The older CJ PV-5 and PV-7 were favorites by many reviewers at the same time as the above ARC models.
Look at an Audible Illusions M3A. It has what you are looking for and will give any of the others a run for the money.
Just curious, why the need for a mono switch?
Consider a BAT VK30 or 30SE with a phono card.
Why the need for a mono switch? Because I own numerous monophonic Jazz LP`s.
My Supratek Syrah has a mono switch and a killer phono stage. Not all were built that way, but Mick may still be offering custom configurations.
Thanks for all the responses. I purchased a CJ PV-11. It has all the features I`m looking for. I just wish it had been a little cheaper.
But I have a feeling once I plug it into my system the price will feel right. I`ll have it by Friday.