Best Tube Preamp with Biamp Capability

I've received some feedback that biamping using Y-connectors is less than optimal. I'm looking for some suggestions for a tube pre that has biamp XLR capability. Neutrality would be great, but a sweet midrange and solid bass would be second best. Budget: Less than $5k.

The preamp would send signals to four channels of an EAD PowerMaster 2000 which would drive a pair of Revel Studios.

Thanks for you advice!
A used BAT VK-50SE. Very neutral, very dynamic, great bass, all tube, dual XLR output, can be upgraded to VK-51SE.
balanced audio technologies 50se
The Sonic Frontiers Line series pre-amps have 2 outputs per channel to facilitate bi-amping, and the SF pre-amps are known for their neutrality. I can highly recommend the Line 2 and the SE version of it. SF is no longer producing them, but technical support is still there, and they are available used for good prices. Good Luck. Craig
McIntosh C2200 is a great bet - superb tube preamp with MM phono, remote, three sets of outputs (two switchable, one always on) single ended and balanced inputs & outputs throughout. Tape loop, unity gain HT bypass, you name it this thing has got it. And it sounds great! Fits into your budget nicely too...
Hello Leftistelf, Try the Bat 50se and when you have the extra money have Bat upgrade it to the 51se. Good luck, Thomas Colato
Do yourself a huge favor: keep your SP11 and go with an
active crossover instead. Removing the passive crossover
components from the amp/speaker interface is the best way
to improve any speaker's resolution. Unfortunately you'll
still have the mid/tweet components in the signal path but
you would still realize greater improvement in sound than
simply vertically biamping with the passive crossover. You
can get a top flight active crossover for far less than a
top pre. Most active crossovers will allow different slopes
and frequencies (24dB @ 220hz is what you'd need). Since
you've already got the amplifier channels available, this
is the only time I can remember that setting up for active
biamping will be less expensive than setting up for passive.
Give the active a try. You will not be sorry.
Sorry the SP11 must have been from another thread. I don't
think you mentioned what type of pre you are currently using
but judging from your other components I'm sure it ain't
chopped liver. Keep the pre, get yourself an active x-over
and two more pairs of cables, and enjoy!