Best Tube Preamp under 2500?

I'm going to buy a tube preamp under $2500. I'm considering the Blue Circle BC21, the Audible Illusions M3A or the
Rogue Audio 99. Has anyone made this comparison? Which did you like the best and why?
Hi augi,I have a Rogue 99 with phono.I have no impedence mismatch with my Pass Aleph-3,in fact I get terrific bass and dynamics!! Contact Mark O'Brien if you have a concern about impedence.He is very quick to respond.You mention the A.I.mod.3A Go to Audiomusings and look up a review of the Rogue 66 vs the 3A The reviewer ended the review stating he prefered the 66! About 1/2 the cost of the 3A too! I guess since the 99 is a better pre than the 66,I would say between the 99 and 3A the 99 looks like a much better bet.I don't have experience with the BC 21 but I've read its a fine pre. Hope this helps... mornin Duggy,see your working hard today! :)
you might be able to get a CAT sl1 mkIII for that price. I compared it to the slp98 (see above) and while I could live with either, I prefer the neutrality of the CAT. The Cary is very tube-y, romantic etc.
musicslug, i'm curious what amp/s you are using - i found the cary slp98 to be quite neutral, not at all coloured w/that "tubey, romantic" signature... i'm using a pair of electrocompaniet amps above 60hz.
I have the Audible Illusions M3A and love it. Its a great preamp,but even better if you play vinyl.