best tube preamp to pair LM 518ia

Hi there, I have a Line Magnetic 518ia and recently bought a Sota Saphire V TT. I was wondering which would the be a good match for a tube preamplifier w phono stage of course. Also, I have an LM 502 DAC but wonder if it is worth to directly buy a preamp w built in DAC. Heard lots of good things about matching LM w Shindo, however, Shindo gear doesn’t come w remote control which I’d like to have. Thx for any advice!
How about a vintage Precision Fidelity C2? All tube and designed by Bruce Moore of Parago/MFA/Audible Illusions fame! I owned a C7 and regret selling it! Any of Bruce's tube preamps can be had for a fraction of the price of a Shindo!
The Precision Fidelity may be too difficult to find! Instead, the Audible Illusions preamp would be a good choice!
I don't think any of the suggestions above have a remote control, and no Shindo preamp, which I would suggest, has a remote control either. 

Maybe a luxman cl-38uc? It has a phono section and a remote control for volume
Many thx for feedback guys. Inquired about Luxman and is amazing though quite priced... same dealer recommended the LS 100 tube single-ended preamp from ModWright Instruments. Any thoughts?
I have a LM 518, replaced all the tubes except the 845s with NOS to take it up a notch. Although the 518 has "pre in" , it's preamp circuit isn't completely "overridden' as it is in other integrateds ; might be better served  simply getting a phono preamp. 
Why would you use a preamp with an integrated?
Better sound plus a phono preamp. I have heard LM paired with Shindo frequently and very good results.
I was told that even though the amp has an i restated preamp, adding and external preamp will improve quality. It’s hard however reading that the built int preamp uses same tubes than many preamps out there so that’s why I get confused. My ultimate goal in some years is to end up with 2 power mono blocs (was told that is the BEST) or better power amp alone so I said to me to go for a good preamp now but WITH proper phono stage. Otherwise, would gurus recommend going for a phono stage alone and invest in a good preamp afterwards when updating power amp?
Just remember you will still be going through the preamp stage of the 518. Sometimes less is more.

Ozzy, I'd say less is always more.