Best Tube Preamp & SS Amp Combos

I am looking for opinions on tube preamps and SS amp combinations. I currently own the Pass X-1 and X-250 SS units. I would be looking to spend $5K - $10K on the combo new or used. I recently heard the Sim Audio W-5 SS amp with the Art Audio new Gill tube preamp and it sounded really nice. I will probably try the Art with my Pass but would like to know what other combinations to consider.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I am using an ARC LS-25 mk1 with a matched quad of NOS Amperex 6dj8's. Amp is the new ARC 150.2 digital switching amplifier. Tubes+SS+Digital control = best sound I have ever had in my home. You will be hearing more about the 150.2 once the rag mags wake up. Was looking to spend much more- no need.
My suggestion is Pass X-350 + ARC Reference II (MKI). You should be able to find this combo at around 8K-9K for used ones. My combo is X-600 + ARC Ref. II (MKI) and is sounding great. Pretty sweet/warm on the top-end and mid range. Bass is full of dynamic and authority.

Good luck.
ARC ref II mk II and Krell FPB series amps are awsome
together! I used to own this setup, I miss it.
Reb1208: how much was the ARC digital amp? Thanks
Try a BAT VK-5i with the x-250. The BAT was used extensively in many a suite at C.E.S. and the Stereophile shows in the later '90s and was a mainstay in many reviewers personal reference systems. I am using this pre with Threshold SA-1 160watt pure class A monoblocks with glorious results. It would help if you mentioned your front end and speakers that you are utilizing.
Lamm L1 or L2 and Lamm M1.1 or M2.1
ARC LS25MII Preamp with Classe CA-300 Amp. Sweet, detailed and slightly warm. Excellent together with enough power for any speaker load.
I use a Hovland HP100 with Bryston 4BSST with good results.
Sim Audio W-5 matches well with most tube preamps due to its high gain, high input impedance and good voltage sensitivity. You will have a more difficult time (but not impossible) mating the X-250 with a tube preamp because of its gain and input impedance.

I use the Sim Audio W-5 and Supratek Sauvignon.
Reb1208: Thanks for your response. The ARC LS 16 and Marsh A400s seem to be a good combination. Just a taste of tube warmth with all the attributes of an SS amp.
I am now using a Supratek Syrah w/DNA 0.5 Rev A+ pair to biamp Vandy 3ASigs. Just got the Syrah today, but first impression is WOW. Much more transparent than the BAT VK3i, and more emotional than the CAT SL-1 Sig that I have been using recently. Anyone want to buy a pre-amp?

Another vote for Supratek Syrah. I have tried two or three SS amps with her, and am pleased with the results I'm now getting with the Syrah and a Plinius SA-102. Good combo.
I have a Rotel 1090 amp and looking for an affordable tube pre-amp for it. Can anybody help please...

Speakers driven are B&W 803's