Best Tube Preamp for JC-1 Monoblocks?

Hello all,
I have become interested in tube preamps to try out with my Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amps.
Based on current or previous owners experiences with using tube preamps with the JC-1's, which tube preamps seem to match up the very best with the JC-1's without giving up much, if any, the dynamics, top-end extension, and bass qualities of solid-state preamps?
Thanks for your responses in advance.

Get yourself a 30-day eval unit of the DeHavilland UltraVerve. You just may end up keeping it like I did. If it doesn't work out, ship it back. One caveat, it does not support balanced XLR connections.
The JC-1 will sound better driven in balanced configuration so look for a balanced preamp.
Thanks Mark and Bob, for your responses.
OK guys, what tube preamp with balanced outputs would you most recommend for the JC-1's, based on personal experiences?
One more thing,
Is it really true that the JC-1's actually prefer a solid state preamp over a tubed one for best sound and matching?
I have heard or read that somewhere, or from someone before.

I am using an ARC LS25 MK1 with fantastic results. This preamp is a very good match with my JC-1's, from both a technical and sonic standpoint. I had been using an ARC SP16L which is SE only.
Switching to the LS25 and running XLR IC's between preamp and amps, has made one of the most significant improvements in my system. I've said it here before, if your not running these amps in balanced mode your not tapping their full potential, it's that important.
There are many improvements, but one of the most noticable is the "weight" behind the music is increased substantially, which makes listening at lower volume levels very realistic.

Your system will go from good to great.

Perfectionist, you pretty much nailed it as I voiced the JC-1 driving it with a balanced preamp. Lanny, you might want to wait until early '06 as the JC-2 preamp should be ready by then and it is fully balanced. While it uses no tubes it is all FET and is similar in design to the Dennesen JC-80. It is also remote controlled right down to the phase switch.

Bob Crump
CTC Builders
Is the JC-1 circuit fully balanced, from input to output?
Try an Audio Research they don't give up much at all of dynamics and many tubofiles consider them too SS sounding. I think it's a match made in heaven.
Thanks all your responses, guys!
I appreciate them all.
So the JC-2 will probably not be ready until 2006?
Will the JC-2 preamp not be available until 2006?
I thought it would be early Fall of 2005.
Why are there so many delays on it?
Audio_girl, as far as I know no date has been set for introduction of the JC-2 since it is still in development and getting the details worked out for production takes time. Early '06 probably is realistic, although late '05 may be possible. In any event it's something to look forward to.

Hey Audio Girl, no delays on the JC-2 at all, but things do not happen overnight and think we will be lucky to have the unit sorted out by and in production by the end of the year.......
Thanks for your responses Bob and Brian!
Can't wait. I bet it will be awesome!
Hope is it not too late.... I have a friend here with a great audi setup that includes your amps, he is having great results with a Pass X1 preamp. I know this is not what you are looking for (tube preamp) but I returned amazed of how good his system sounds with almost all sort of music genres.

(Parasound amps - Pass X1 preamp - Dynaudio spkrs - Avid Diva/clearaudio cart)

Bob,any possibility of an optional phono stage to go with the JC-2?
I appreciate everyone who took the time to participate in this thread. Many thanks!
If you can afford one, try out the VTL 7.5. tube gain, SS output, will drive anything and sounds great.
I believe they are coiming out with a scaled down version the 6.5 which will be cheaper
The now discontinued Sonic Frontiers Line 1, 2 & 3 are tube based, have balanced outputs and don't sound euphonic.
For inexpensive and good match, try a Rogue 99 Magnum. I used it & it is a great match, even though single-ended connected only.
Rost, we have not been asked for a phono stage for the JC-2, but will have two CTC Gen II Vendetta phono stages available in early '06, to coincide with the introduction of the JC-2.......Both will be expensive with one being expensive and the other being really expensive......

Bob Crump
CTC Builders
I have a pair of JC-1s and I use the Rogue 99 Magnum. Rogue Audio will also modify the pre-amp to have balanced outputs for a small extra charge. As good pre-amps go, the Rogue is not terribly expensive and it is an outstanding match for the JC-1s. Other pre-amps that I looked at were models by BAT and McIntosh-- but at about double the cost.
I have used the VTL 7.5 for the past year with JC-1's. Very revealing and gorgous! Just a bit of hiss out of the Utopia BE Diva's though.