Best tube preamp ever

I am trying to invest into a preamp. I would like to get the best of the best of tube preamps. Can anyone comment on what or which brand I should be looking at if money was not an object.
Thank in advance!
For preamp, you should choose between SS & Tubes. I have used a tube Audible Illusions for 15 years . I just upgraded to a current model Line stage AI L3B and could not be happier. Check out my posts under “Rongold”
The new Schiit "Freya +" allows 3 modes, passive, FET, and tube, and when you're not using the tube mode it shuts 'em off. So yeah, choose between tubes and otherwise remotely from your listening spot and enjoy knowing you only spent 800 bucks for a world class preamp.
“World class” always had a different meaning on Audiogon, just like “mint”.
I think it depends on what kind of music you like to listen to..
No decent preamp is "music style" sensitive.