Best tube preamp ever

I am trying to invest into a preamp. I would like to get the best of the best of tube preamps. Can anyone comment on what or which brand I should be looking at if money was not an object.
Thank in advance!
I recently bought the Doge 8 Clarity (2019 Edition) preamp. It is a very comprehensive preamp with 5 line level inputs, MM/MC phono, tape/headphone out, 2 volume-controlled outputs, and a high-quality metal remote control. It is RCA only - no balanced inputs or outputs.

Once I installed outstanding 12AT7s into the line stage (I chose 1982 Siemens ECC801S tubes, but the other highly recommended alternative is new Russian copy Genalex Gold Lion B579 tubes), and gave the preamp 300+ hours of (absolutely essential) burn-in time, I've ended up with a line-level preamp which is phenomenal, at a price which is absurdly low, given this preamp's spectacular transparency and build quality. 

My holographic JLTi power amp can be switched to be an integrated amp, so it is possible for me to evaluate the Doge against almost no preamp at all! The difference in realism between running the JLTi on its own as an integrated, or adding the Doge in line to the JLTi, is remarkably small. This is one hell of a line level preamp, and that's before I've even considered its MC phono stage (I already have a superb MM/MC phono preamp).

It may not be the world's ABSOLUTE BEST preamp, but it is the best line preamp I have EVER heard at any price! It is only available direct from the Doge factory in China. Price INCLUDING shipping to most countries is US$1495!

For preamp, you should choose between SS & Tubes. I have used a tube Audible Illusions for 15 years . I just upgraded to a current model Line stage AI L3B and could not be happier. Check out my posts under “Rongold”
The new Schiit "Freya +" allows 3 modes, passive, FET, and tube, and when you're not using the tube mode it shuts 'em off. So yeah, choose between tubes and otherwise remotely from your listening spot and enjoy knowing you only spent 800 bucks for a world class preamp.
“World class” always had a different meaning on Audiogon, just like “mint”.
I think it depends on what kind of music you like to listen to..