Best tube pre-amp with remote vol. control

What is the best tube pre-amp with remote vol. control that you have heard?
Conrad Johnson ART.
Joule LA-150, but then I'm partial because I own one.
Conrad Johnson Art II
Counterpoint SA-11
vac renaissance signature ,i never heard but kondo s new preamp ongaku with new ksl technologie could be also one of the very best
Rogue 66 or 99 at their price point's unbeatable.
I have a mint used Premier 14 from Conrad Johnson. It is an amazing musical piece of "Artwork" . It simply makes music, like nothing else I have ever owned. The good new is that in the used market it sells for $ 1750.00-2000.00.
Bat VK30 or 50.

The C-J 17LS.
Although I am going back to Solid State for multichannel setup, I had good services with Sonic Frontiers Line 3 and 1. They are very natural. Since they don't have their own signature sound of their own, you can add your flavors with different tubes such as Amprex 7308 NOS, etc.

BAT VK preamps are nice also.

BTW, both Line 3 and 1 are for sale. Any interested parties?
I have the Line-3SE and it is a keeper with an excellent remote. Regular Line-3 is about $2300-2500 and SE $2900 to 3100 used on AudioGon.

Good luck!

Bill Z
The Rogue 99 was a nice step up from my conrad johnson.It also has a nice phono stage.
Incredible dynamics, extension and clarity. Really unbelievable.
I have a VTL 5.5 signiture with remote that i find to be very open and neutral in my system. I haven't tried the optional phono section yet. I can't see any reason to change. The CJ gear was too warm for me.
Sonic Frontiers Line 2 is also an excellent choice, wonderful sound, easy to use, and great value new or pre-owned.
Also, allows easy and cost effective tube swapping scenarios.
If you have $14,000.00 to spend, the best remote control preamp (ever) should be available in less than three months. Not yet public, but I assure you, worth the wait, if within your budget.
Listened to lots of them at CES last week, my choice for warmth, dynamics, imaging, softness, airy it.. is the VAC(Valve Amplification company) Signature Series and the VAC Virtu 105/105 Series amp...unreal !

"Best" I don't know, but the Sunfire Classic Valve Preamp is one of the best I have ever heard. In particular, it's phono stage is incredible (I use it with a Benz Micro Glider (LO)). The preamp has a very characteristic tube sound (I've been a tubehead since '59) and has a noise floor that is inaudible even with 90dB+ speakers. I drive a 300B P-P amp (Canary Audio) thru JMLabs 915s, and wouldn't think of changing the preamp. The newer models have a very nice remote (volume, mute and power) that controls an ALPS motorized pot.
BATVK50SE. What you hear is the music, nothing but the mucic.
If you have $2100 to spend you might want to do yourself a favor and check out the Supratek Chardonnay (or Syrah if you want phono - 2400) The Supratek is hand made in Australia. I know it's inexpensive but it is quite easily one of the finest preamps in the world at any price. If you must have THE BEST, I think the owner of the company will make you a remote controlled Cortese for 5000 plus some change.
Albert, I may not be getting it right away, but do you have any more news on the preamp?
I will call and find out if he is any closer to making this a reality and if he is willing to let me post the info.

The difficulty is in using only a discrete ladder bridge with precision mechanical switches. This makes building something to "move" this control the issue.

If it was a TKD film pot or digital it would be easy.