Best Tube Pre-amp to match THRESHOLD 4000 S/S amp

Fellow A'Gon member,I am searching for tube pre-amp to mate for my Threshold 4000 class A amp...a limited budget of $1,500.
Here are the gears I have in my possesion now:

Threshold 4000 amp
Jolida 100 cdp (tube)
KImber Kable 8tc (speaker wire)
Harmonic Tech Truthlinks ( IC )

And future monitor speaker are either Proac or Dynaudio.

Btw my 1st choice pre-amp:

Cary Slp-98 or Audio Research but less knowledge still of matching output impedance ( pre) to input impedance (amp).

You aleady asked this question and were given two answers regarding this amp and tube preamps.
Riley804, yes you are right about it but still very confused.Other member told me in my other thread to watch out the high output impedance of ARC and other explained to me that tube preamp does not work well w/ 4000.
And another member respond to my e-mail saying he owned 4000 amp and been very impressed w/ the newer ARC LS-17.
" Newer ARC output imp is quite low allowing it to drive Threshold amp ."
Mr.Jon Soderberg told me that any tube pre amp will work well and any older ARC will work well.
That ie why i opened another thread almost identical to the first one.I am trying to be carefull and no mistake.
This is quite hard when you don't understand much but always trying to learn.Thanks a lot anyway.
I thank you all member and I think I should do a lot of reading as well.Thanks anyway.pescolar
Finally after deep research I found the right answer regarding Threshold 4000 input impedance of 75kohm.

Any input added what best pre-amp I should get no more than $2k.

I have the Threshold Stasis 2, it is similar to the 4000. I have also had a 4000 in my system. I use the Audio Research SP-17. I highly suggest it.
SAS Audio Labs 10A $1595
One of the best tube pre's out there & one of the best cost vs. performance products in high end audio.
Just to say thanks to all inputs that you shared.

Almost complete system:
Pre-amp------Lector Zoe ( Tube ) NEWLY ACQUIRED.
Power Amp----Threshold 4000 ( S/S )
Cd source----Jolida JD-100 ( Tube )
IC's --------Harmonic tech " Truth Link"
Speaker wire-Kimber Kable 8tc's


**************THANK YOU ALL************
i vote you audition some vandersteen speakers. worth a listen.

Okay..I will add this to my speaker quest " vandersteen 2ce signature II.Thanks.
Finally completed the system for now.

I ended up getting a Von Schwekeirt VR-2 floor stander in maple cabinet.

Now I am trying to adjust the placement of the speaker.
My room size is 13'L x 15' w x 8 'H.
Speaker back wall is about 29" and to side wall is about 38 1/2 ".In between speaker is about 7' 3" and about 8' away or for listening.
So far the sound stage is not huge enough to be satisfactory.

Any member can share input for VR-2 placement in this size of room.
Or good IC's and speaker wire will do justice.

Btw, I am using just regular RCA IC's n speaker wire.May be the next day I should grab some of cables fr my storage.
Thank you all.A'gon members.pescolar