Best Tube Monoblocks for Revel Ultima Salons?

Tubes and Vinyl are calling my name. I am looking for some monoblocks that will drive my Salons and deliver that sweet , warm tube sound that makes you fuzzy all over:} Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
You might want to try what I do and that is to use a solid state amp on your woofer section and a tube amp on your highs and mid. This way you'll get a powerful well controlled bottom end (depending on the amp), and a warm, dimensional "tube sound" on the midrange and tweeters. There is the question of impedence mismatch, but my ears hear only balance and harmony between my ML333 and ARC VT 100 3. And think of the cost re-tubing a 300 wpc (you'll need it) amp.
This is only a suggestion; and I'm sure someone here can steer you to a true tube monoblock configuration. ARC REF 300's? 600's?
yours in Vinyl, Richard
I believe Kal Rubinson over at Stereophil uses Sonic Frontiers to power his bug Revel's. May be somethign to look into especially his reviews of other products using that ref system.
I use the SF Power3 amps with the Studios. I cannot comment on their use with the Salons but Larry Greenhill reviewed those speakers and you might consult his reviews for more info.
I tried SF3's based on Greenhill's review. Not good to these ears. Very slow, dynamics were gone. ML 336...pretty good but the mids and highs just did not have the "magic". Tried several others(Pass, Sim).Rzemkoski's idea of tubes & SS might be the ticket but I know dual modded Bernings worked! The magic is there. I bought the Bernings for my Merlins and was ready to sell the Salons on Agon until I set them up for test with the Bernings. Amazing sound. I would not have guessed the difference could be so large. Speed, dynamics, tone, bass, its all there.
Can you explain more about what one should look for when biamping? I currently use ML#333 driving my Thiel 3.6. (Thiel does not believe in biamping) I am just curious as to what I need to look for in a tube amp when I eventually moved to the Salon or some other speakers that will allow me to biamp.

FrankC, Biamping will "relax" the load on your amps while reducing the stress on your speakers. This will provide sonic benefits that stretch across the entire realm of frequencies.
There is vertical biamping; by driving one amp(mono) per speaker,or horizontal biamping; using a stereo pair of amps. One amp drives the bass section of both speakers while the other powers the mid/highs.
As I stated, I am using two totally different types of amplifiers and this may upset purists. I've always liked the sound of tubes, but do enjoy the biasing, testing and re-tubing of the larger amps. The 100 watts per side of my ARC 100 mk3 are more than enough to fill my room with gorgeous sound while the low end of the ML 333 is deep and resolute. I at first bought a Krell FPB 300 to do the job but I was bothered by the Krell's "sound". This mixed combination does just fine for me.

my humble output, Richard
Better late than never, right? I currently run my Salons with a pair of Levinson 33H monoblocks. However, Bryan Southard, a reviewer for, powered his Salons with Sonic Frontier's Power 3 (special edition) up until the introduction of the new Levinson 436 ss monblocks, to which he switched.