Best tube mono block for 2k

Looking for nice looking & sounding tube mono's for around 2k.Used or new
See the Cary 572-se signature MKII monoblocks.
It would be in the best interests of everyone if you pointed out that you have Cary 572 monoblocs currently for sale.
what size is your room? I have a pair of quicksilver kt88 mono's easily modded with big military oil-foil coupling caps (necessary), which, with good speakers, are really nice in a smaller setting. something about point-to-point wiring. i have some big (chinese) monoblocks in triode to drive ml's but when i lose the martin logans and return to "normal" monitors, the quicksilvers return to service. very complete, natural sound, for around $1200 used. leaves money to spend on recs!
You'll open up some additional opportunities for good sound at this price point if you'll consider a stereo amp; mono blocks at this price point are a huge challenge due to the inherent cost of manufacture across two separate chassis. Nonetheless, for mono blocks at this price, here are some options to consider:

Dodd Audio
50w ($1650 new) and 120w ($2600 new) mono blocks. Direct sales only keeps retail the price lower than you could otherwise obtain. I haven't listened to these, but several people whose ears I trust tell me they are very good, and fantastic at the price.

Conrad-Johnson Premier 5 - 200w mono block amps. A beautiful sounding amp, particularly if wired for triode. These occasionally can be found on the used market for under $2500 used these days.

Conrad-Johnson MV-5x series of stereo amps stapped for mono operation. Should be able to buy a pair for under $2000, depending on specific model.

BAT VK-60 - 120w monoblock (essentially a stereo unit strapped at the factory to mono) also selling occasionally under $2500 used.
Ok,I'll point out the ones I just sold--couple hundred more tho: CJ 5's in all triode.---They seldom come up anyway.----I'm sure the adds have plenty more good stuf in the price range.
AES Six Pac Monos, around $1500-$1700 used.

What about Manley Mahis?
I'm very happy with my Rogue Zeus & the magnums are supposed to sound about the same. Don't have a clue if you will like their looks though.
I did that the other day on another thread and my response never made it through the approval process. I just tried to word it so it would make make the "cut".
If someone starts a thread and says they "are wanting to buy" an amp, etc., do you think it's OK to reply-post and say, "check out my XYZ model listed for sale here"?. That's what I did and my reply got declined.
Good listening!
I don't think one should rec. an item while you have one for sale. It isn't a neutral point of view.---Even if it may fit that persons needs. However,you could shoot them an email---that way it's out of the threads.
I love my VTL Deluxe 300's . These are very musical and can
drive most anything. On my apogee stages they sound alot better than the Audio Research VT-100 they replaced. They are very nice top to bottom. Their only downfall is that they are somewhat industrial looking. I place them directly
behind my speakers and use 1 meter speaker cables which also
helps the sound. This in one of the few times (for me) that personality has won over looks.