Best tube integrated under 1500 new or used

I am using a MingDa 300B-4T and it is actually pretty good. I guess with mod such as power supply, coupling cap and other upgrades then it will sound even better. The one I have is 100% stock.

What other tube integrate amps you think offer great values for under 1500 usd new or used?
I recently got a Sophia EL34 for my work office but I like it so much it's still at home. Push-pull and 28 wpc. They list for 1500 and 120 for the upgraded coupling caps. I have not heard the stock one. It was highly recommended to go with the upgraded caps as it transforms the amp. I'm happy. Good luck.
PrimaLuna Prologue Two
TAD-60 Signature... This is a great amp with many user-friendly adustments and features that allow you to tailor the sound to your power requirements and taste. It can use EL-34s, 6550s, or KT-88s and can be switched for triode or ultra-linear operation. And the amount of feedback is continuously variable and can easily be dialed in to taste. I'm presently using mine with the stock EL-34s in triode mode with minimal feedback. It sounds quite impressive powering the new Silverline Prelude speakers.

Also, it's built like a tank, uses over-spec heavy duty parts; and it's internally point-to-point wired with quality silver wire. And it looks quite nice as well.