Best tube integrated under 1500 new or used

I am using a MingDa 300B-4T and it is actually pretty good. I guess with mod such as power supply, coupling cap and other upgrades then it will sound even better. The one I have is 100% stock.

What other tube integrate amps you think offer great values for under 1500 usd new or used?
I like the Qinpu A-1.0X
I recently got a Sophia EL34 for my work office but I like it so much it's still at home. Push-pull and 28 wpc. They list for 1500 and 120 for the upgraded coupling caps. I have not heard the stock one. It was highly recommended to go with the upgraded caps as it transforms the amp. I'm happy. Good luck.
PrimaLuna Prologue Two
Rogue Tempest
Aronov LS-960I
TAD-60 Signature... This is a great amp with many user-friendly adustments and features that allow you to tailor the sound to your power requirements and taste. It can use EL-34s, 6550s, or KT-88s and can be switched for triode or ultra-linear operation. And the amount of feedback is continuously variable and can easily be dialed in to taste. I'm presently using mine with the stock EL-34s in triode mode with minimal feedback. It sounds quite impressive powering the new Silverline Prelude speakers.

Also, it's built like a tank, uses over-spec heavy duty parts; and it's internally point-to-point wired with quality silver wire. And it looks quite nice as well.
04-10-06: Plato
TAD-60 Signature...

Plato, I don't see a Signature model on the Bizzy Bee website, although I do see a SuperbA upgrade with 2 Auricaps and 2 filter caps in the power supply. Is this what you a referring to when you write about the Signature model?
Tvad, yes, (I guess I was thinking of the TAD-150 Signature preamp). The upgrade with the Auricaps and the filter caps is the model I was referring to. I don't think there is a TAD-60 "Signature," just this upgraded version. And I would definitely recommend going for the upgrade as I'm getting pretty impressive, tight, and controlled bass out of this unit.

Another thing to ask for (even if it costs a little extra) is Paul's heavy-duty gray power cord. It made a nice improvement in sound over some much more expensive cords I tried.
Audio Note Soro SE or Oto.
my vote the ..ONIX SP3 with mods ,all well under $1.5K ...without a doubt Extraordinary value
A used Cary SLI-80.
Plinius 8200II - a no brainer
Plinius 8200II is not tube? right?
04-10-06: Andy2
Plinius 8200II is not tube? right?

Lolo did say it was a no-brainer...

Sorry, Lolo, that was too easy.

Audio Valve Assistent. With high-efficiency speakers it sounds magnificent.

I have great response from a Jadis Orch Refer driving a pretty difficult speaker for a small tube amp.
Its a MTM speaker design and the little Jadis does wonders. However its difficult to find used at $1500, might have to go up to $1800.
Just as good would be one of the bigger Cayin's. Not their low end stuff.
The Cayin model I think compares with the Jadis is the one with the 4 KT 88's. Those are quite often found used here.
If I had a choice today I'd go with the Cayin for half the price as the Jadis.

Good Luck

Easter Electric Tube Integrated M520. On sale right now from Morningstar Audio.
I recently got an Unison Research Unico off Audiogon for $1000 used. I haven't heard it yet, but its supposed to be very good.
Plato is right about the TAD-60. I'm using it with Gallo 3.1 and (although I've only had it for a few days) it really sounds musical and detailed. Even with cds that aren't recorded well, I can get drawn into the music in a way that I've never been able to do as well. However, it's not strictly speaking an integrated amp. It's a power amp with volume control. It's only limitation as an integrated is that you have one input with the TAD-60.

Pathos Classic One MkII! Super sweet running them in bridged/mono mode!
The SQ-88 integrated from a dealer on Audiogon and located in the PA area, Quest for Sound. Has three inputs and a remote vol control to as well. Stephen is a great guy to deal with. Very musical amp and solidly built.
Don't rule out some of the vintage integrated tube amps like the Scott's, Fisher's, Dynaco's and Eico's.

I have an Eico HF-81 integrated tube amp that can easily compete with the newer integrated tube amps of today.

Easy to upgrade internals if needed. I have and it sounds awesome.
Onix SP-3. Just an exceptional value, at all levels. It is musical, detailed and extended (at both ends) plus wide open in the middle. With the extra money that you save with this amp, you can buy some candy ("audio" candy, that is). You could shower yourself with new sets of Cables, golden Toes or perhaps a clear box of Rocks dripping in Snake Oil.
Clinically Insane does not begin to cover the extent of our Audiophile madness sometimes.

The price (of the SP-3) crosses some borders (seems to be the "norm" now). From 5/600.00 Used to 1K.00 or so w/mods (Hexies, silver, etc.).
The amps responds (very) well to tube rolling and cable changes. It leans toward the "musical" side of "nuetral", with an excellent low end (for SS or tube). It has a "hint" of Single ended-ness" and a beautiful voice range.
It "can" be bettered in "individual" catagories, but as a "whole", it is damn hard to beat for under 1500.00.

Other suggestions:
The Halo Audio ( SPM-25 MonoBlocks. ... Nice "single ended" bliss with medium size balls. Fast, transparent and nuetral. VERY well built. Actually they are Mod'd versions of the ASL spm-25's. They drove everything that I could throw at them (when I owned a pair) and were a very detailed and excieting amp to have in my system.... About a 1000.00 new, and good luck used.
Those are two amps to add to your hunt. Which of them is better (?).... wellll. The jury is still out (for me, a least) on the Onix. I have only had it for a short while. A few things are certain. I do (very much) like the way with which the SP-3 sets up a large and musical soundstage. I like it's grunt and the delicacy as well. Not much "not" to like actually.

Good luck hunting,
Here's another thumbs up for the TAD-60. I have had this amp for quite a while now and it just gets better and better. As previously mentioned, lots of flexibility as well...triode/ultralinear/Class A/multiple tube options and can also be used as a single input integrated. Highly recommended.
A used DK Design is a nice sounding integrated; sometimes they show up for $1500 or less.
I've had a TAD 60 for a couple of months now. Mine has the upgrades. I run it mostly in triode mode with feedback off. This is one sweet amp! Bass is very good, better than any tube amp I have personally heard. Mids and treble are smooooth. Detail is excellent. I can't think of anything else in this price range that would be any better. Looks really great, too. I'm using mine driving a pair of Hawthorne Audio Siver Iris coaxial speakers (with modded crossovers) in open baffles. These amps are impressive!

I agree that the ''heavier'' Cayin amps like the A 88-T are simply amazing and offer $5K build quality and sound for not a lot of money. My previous amps were the Jadis Orchestra, a very nice amplifier, but unfortunately too old-sounding and tubey (you know, the kind without enough resolution). If you are a romantic, it's a good choice - but I just couldn't get used to it. The other integrated I owned was the Sim Audio I-5 LE. Not bad but ultimately much too dark and dry for my taste. Nice build quality and looks, but for me, outrageous prices should provide outrageous sound. Kept that one a whole 3 months.

Then I visited a friend who had this nice-looking Cayin A 88-T. He gladly let me try it in my system. It was a much more organic and lively sound than my Moon I-5 ever could produce - so I bought a Cayin. Never looked back and this will be a keeper for sure. If you can audition one, do it, if not, buy one unheard, if you don't like it, you will be able to sell it fast as this kind of quality ( point to point, ultalinear/triode, plus metal remote) and refined sounds is hard to come by at even twice the price. If you do get a Cayin A 88-T, throw out the stock cord and get an upgraded power cord (not necessarily an expensive one - try the new Venom at $ 100.00) PLUS a new quad set of Svetlana KT 88's to replace the stock tubes. I swear this is the best you can do this side of $4, maybe 5K, for a LOT less money. Check it out and good luck!
Another vote for the TAD-60. This is a highly impressive amp and, for the cost, staggered me how good it is, particularly in triode mode.
I agree on the Cayin A 88-T. The build quility is amazing as is the sound. It would be very hard to find this kind of quality at this price any where else.
For a couple hundred more the Rogue Audio Cronus is a very fine amp made in the USA. It beats anything made in China.
Conrad Johnson CAV 50 used on Audiogon
I have no clue.

I just wanted to revive this thread that has been dead for a few years. Lots of things have happened in this area since 2006 I think.
I've owned the PrimaLuna's, the Cayin's, and far and away the best integrated going for my money is the Yaqin MS300B integrated. Breathtaking 300B tube performance at a cost that doesn't break the bank, and it will even drive an electrostat to more than satisfying levels in a moderate sized room with 9 watts. Trust me, I'd not have believed it possible either until I sampled it on my former CLS's. Very nice integrated and a giant killer for sure.