Best tube integrated amp with Tannoy Turnberry


I'd like to know if anybody can suggest a good tube integrated amp to match a pair of tannoy turnberry ?
I mostly listen to classical music at a medium level.
I tought of a cary SLI80.
What's your opinions ?

Best regards,
Check out the Rogue Audio integrateds.Tubes and Tannoys just click.I'm sure the Cary would be nice,too.Both are well respected in the audio world.I'm partial to Rogue because I own a Tempest II Magnum.I also own a Cary cdplayer so I know a bit about both companies.I think either would work for you.Try them out if possible.Good luck in your search.
Check out some of the Cayin units. Great sound and value. If they don't work, easy to sell.

Thanks for your advices. I'm gonna take a closer look at both rogue and cayin.

Would a pair of Six pacs + AE-3 MkII make a good job for those speakers ?
This seems to be clearly in my budget range.