Best Tube Dac you ve heard

Whats the best Tube Dac, people have heard. There's plenty of good ones out there, Audio Logic, Altis Reference, Kora Hermes, Melos Maxx Tube Dac, AudioNote, VAC, Jadis.
My Jadis JS-1 is by far the best DAC I have ever heard, period!!! The CJ DA-2B has 85% of the Jadis' natural quality at 15% of the cost. If you can find one of these, snatch it up!
My Audio Note DAC4 SIGNATURE is by far the BEST I've heard at any price!
Ive owned the Vac Dac2 Mk2, the CJ da-2b, and now an Audiologic 34. The Audiologic is by far the best ive heard. I did not care for the CJ at all.
Another vote for the Audio Logic 2400 (upgraded from the 34). Simply more alive sounding, natural and dimensional, with superb bass extension. I preferred it to the Jadis and Altis, both of which were at least originally designed by the same designer, Jerry Ozment. Haven't heard the Audio Note, but would expect it to be a contender as well based on the excellence of their other tubed offerings.
Audio Note Dac 5 with latest transformer upgrade. This Dac is beyond belief. It finally delivers all the promise of digital with the harmonics, delicacy, liquidity and low level resolution of analog. I would put it up against any playback system, digital or analog.
I have had audionote, VacDAC, Mark Levinson, and by far the most superior DAC I have ever heard is the Manley Reference DAC. Of course at twelve large ones it better be. Thanks, Matthew.
Where can I get information about Audio Logic dacs? Not listed under products on their web site.
Jsbail: I didn't realize they even had a website. You can call Jerry Ozment directly at 203-966-1732, he'll tell you everything you need to know.
Any Audio Note Dac with 1x oversampling. I received a month ago a Audio Note DAC-1.1x. It brought a whole new dimension of sound to my system. I was using a PS Audio Ultralink II with a Cal Delta transport and then changed to a Pioneer DV-414 DVD player and was waiting for the EVS Millenium II DAC. I could not wait any more for the EVS unit and bought the Audio Note DAC. I use the Pioneer as a transport and the Audio Note DAC and WOW! Could not be happier. No regrets!
The Sonic Frontiers Processor 3 Dac, is incredible sounding. The Sonic Frontiers SFD 2 MK II Dac, with 4 Amperex 7308 tubes, sounds almost as good as the processor 3 Dac
The Audio Note DAC 5 on normal 44.1 CD fare outperforms the SACD-1 on SACD. Auditioned an Audio Note DAC 3 with CEC transport through Sphinx solid-state pre and power with KEF Reference loudspeakers. The lower-end extension was incredible: the dealer and I turned the Sphinx amps up very loud to scare away some drunks hanging out in front of the store (music: some modern ballet music with a long doublee bass intro). Very little hiss, and the contours were precise. The sound gave the impression of a gigantic volcano garden.
Audio Note Dacs!

Had a number of dacs over the years, from CAL, EAD, even the might Forsell, but in my opinion, nothing beats the AN dacs esp at their price points. They are that good!