Best tube compliment for use in AI Modulus Three

My last post garnered such excellent advise and recommendations from the wonderful people here at Audiogon, I thought I'd give it another try. To begin, my system consists of an Audible Illusions Modulus Three preamp, Golden Tube SE-100 power amp equipped with Ei KT-90 tubes, a Pioneer Elite PD-54 stable platter CD transport being fed through an MSB Link DAC III DAC, and a pair of Acoustat Spectra 11 hybrid electrostatics. All cabling is MIT MI-330 between components except for a pair of JPS Labs Superconductor Plus cables between the preamp and power amp, and the speaker cables are Audioquest Midnight single wires.
I am extremely happy with the sound being produced by the system right now, but like most of us, I want to get the absolute best performance possible out of the equipment in my system. Which brings me to my question. Right now, I'm using JJ E88CC tubes throughout the preamplifier. The sound is very smooth and well layered, but I'd like a bit more of a lush sound and better, deeper bass. Can anyone recommend a different set of tubes, 6DJ8's, 6922's, or E88CC's that would accomplish my goals? I've been looking into some NOS Amperex Bugle Boys but don't have any actual experience with these tubes. So, I'd appreciate any input you'd care to provide. Thanks in advance, Mike
I use Telefunken CCa's and Siemens CCa's big bucks but what sound . I do not think you can go wrong with these two tubes or a lesser grade of a Telefunken NOS in the phono and a Siemens in the line stage try and get a older Siemens Halski tube . I like the 6DJ8 and the 6922 better than a 7308 type but the Siemens 7308 gold pin NOS is very nice. Some people say the preamp is rough on tubes well we will see My tubes are going strong for a year plus on all the time. lake513
Boy, I sure hope those people who are saying that the Modulus is hard on tubes are wrong. I just had back surgery and so I'll be spending a lot of time here at home on the mend, with the audio system on constantly. Thanks for your information. I'll have to give your suggestion some serious consideration. Mike
Yes definitely Telefunken and Simens!!!! And than Philips !!!
I will sugest you if you can upgrade your MSB with proper supply. That can do more than set of tubes. Like used Monolith MPS !!! And than ad Audio Alchemy DTI PRO 32.
When you hear that I bilive that sound in all aspect you gone like aloot. Than start thinking about the tubes !!!!