Best tube cd player under 1000?

I'm looking for a tube cd player under $1k. Any recommendations? I'm looking the liquidity and smoothness that tubes can offer. Thanks in advance for your input.
Hmmm...I know of two, but can't speak for either. The Ah!Tjoeb from or the Norh CD-1 from The norh is built by the same Thai factory that produces products for Cal Audio Labs, and I hear that it's very much like the Cal Sigma/Delta parts-wise. People rave about both. The Norh should technically be better (it was designed, not modified like the Tjoeb), but you never know.
Anthem CD 1 can be had used for 800/1000.Its a great sounding player with 1 6922 tube in the output stage.
Maybe a little over your budget, but I see Conrad Johnson DV 2B players going for around $1200. This is a very musical player and an incredible bargain at this price. I've had mine for about a year and have no desire to upgrade.
Correction. The nOrh CD-1 is closer to the Cal Alpha/Delta combo.
Buy the cary CD 301 on audiogon right now for $1k, you will
love it!
Rega Planet or Planet 2000. Buy one and enjoy life.
Try the Heart 6000. The 120 volt version should be available soon. Its supposed to blow away the AH Tjoeb! players. You can retrieve some information from Simply Music's site here on the Audiogon. Check out the review on-line at TNT audio. Best of luck.